notes from the commute

Behold: emails received regarding yesterday's commute.

From: Rail Road
Date: 7 Jun 2010 12:22:35 -0700
To: Admin
Subject: Canceled westbound train to Big Station

The 3:05 PM Tuvalu train due in Big Station at 3:50 PM, is canceled due to a late arriving eastbound train which was delayed because of signal trouble. Customers will be accommodated by the 3:40 PM Tuvalu train due in Big Station at 4:22 PM.

The 2:09 PM Big Station train due in Tuvalu at 2:55 PM, is operating 19 minutes late due to signal trouble near Tuvalu.

The 1:36 PM Amamacau Terminal train due in Hillvale at 2:28 PM, is 17 min late due to congestion caused by an earlier track condition

A small sampling of the alerts I received on Monday which spelled certain doom for my return home that evening. One may encounter "track conditions" or "switch problems" or "police activity" on any given day, and one should plan accordingly.
Is it best to ignore these advisories or text the spouse? It's hard to say.


Paola said…
Wow, you get advised abotu delays ...

Here one is simply left on foot, on the street, in the sun when all the shops are closed and oen cannot even have a drink. Obviously there is no way to find otu when another mean of transportation will appear on the horizon.

My point? Text for HELP.
Amy A. said…
My 1/2 hour commute doesn't look so bad now. :)
lorraine said…
Ugh, that sounds like a bad math problem. One of those I always hated and wanted to answer, "If Gerald wants to get across town with 20 lbs of tomatoes and a blackbird so badly, I think I should just stay out of it." My head hurts, and it didn't even apply to me. I applaud your fortitude!!