music and walking

A good song for walking to work.

I'm hopeless musically. I have about 100 songs on my wee iPod and have no idea who does them or what the titles are. I'm always googling stray lyrics stuck in my head in an effort to find the titles of things I've heard and liked. There's a music club at work which I am far to embarrassed to join as I fear I will be found out as a musical imbecile. It's all right though, colleagues consistently seek me out for fashion advice. We all have our niche.

On Wednesday, walking from the office to the train, I saw a fellow across the street. His arm was in a sling with new-looking bandages on it. He was grimacing in pain and having a hard time carrying his book bag. I was so torn. I wanted to cross the street and offer some kind of assistance but worried that he'd think me too forward. I saw him continue walking as I went down to the station and thought about him for a while afterwards.
The next morning, while walking to the office from the train, I spotted him again. He looked better but was still moving slowly and I decided to have a word. I told him I had seen him the day before and had wanted to assist if I could and he explained that he had had surgery earlier in the week and was only walking a few blocks. I wished him well and went on my way feeling somewhat relieved. Why I feel intent on mothering strangers in my city is beyond me. I can describe his clothing in great detail too... as I said: we all have our niche.

Just after I left him there was an impossibly adorable tiny girl with her dad purchasing a banana from the fruit guy on the corner. She was wearing a wonderful smocked sun-dress. Just so you know.
Beyond that point I spied a fabulously tall teenager with longlonglong legs and shortshortshort shorts. Not so short as to be slutty and yet just short enough to be flirty. A tough balance.

I love my morning walk. I'm not always energized enough to walk to the train in the evening but a good song on the iPod does wonders. What song?
I couldn't tell you.


Eleanor said…
Miss Cb and I truly feel that Kleinfeld's NEEDS you. You would combine your niche specialty with your desire to help and mother; and then you'd start a new Kleinfeld's blog - internal and external.

It has to happen.

P.S. Miss Cb would like to book you for her consultation. Whenever that may be.
Since you make it seem like a happy thing to do, I have started noticing the outfits on people that come into the store.

Yesterday a woman came in who was put together from head to toe...tourquoise dress and jewelry and sparkly beaded sandals.

I told her she looked fabulous.
Lover Lady said…
I try to tell people who look nice that I think they look nice, too, LMSS. Who doesn't like to hear that??

And, BB, I live my life to a soundtrack. Sometimes songs bring back memories so strong it can cause tears, laughter or take my breath away. If I had all the money I had spent on music for the past 30 years--and had invested it--I would be a very rich woman. But I maybe wouldn't be so happy.
Anonymous said…
I think Eleanor may be onto something...

Paola said…
Oh yes, music it's like pictures. A few notes and you're back 20 years or so, young beautiful and careless. Or a sad moment, which is sad as it might be a gorgeous song but to you it will always be awful.
I'm a bit like you though, I don't know all the titles or singers and sometimes I find myself going crazy trying to find WHO sings THAT tune.
Just had to update Fabio's iPod as he was complaining the previous mix I made was awful, how about that!
Anonymous said…
I think we should see more of these outfits, right commenters??