"Mid-Summer Style Cravings" from JCrew: my thoughts

Well, yes, I think to myself upon seeing this email from JCrew, yes, I can well imagine having some mid-summer style cravings. Though "cravings" is an interesting word. If I begin dissecting the JCrew copy we're all sunk.
So, I mosey on over to the site to have a look at what's new.
What's new? Cardigans. Oodles of them. But there are a smattering of other items too...


Oh. Denim.
If only I could figure you out, denim.
Bootcut, straight-leg, matchstick, lived in, juke box wash...wait: JUKE BOX WASH? Holy hell.


I'm hoping these two fall under the Lounge category as I cannot see us pulling a silk jumpsuit over a damp bathing costume. I feel certain you can imagine my opinion of a strapless silk jumpsuit, yes?


This is a wonderful scarf. I can safely say that I crave it. It has the nautical stripe I am presently addicted to and is jersey. Need I say more?

<span class=



It's nice that JCrew stays true to their swimsuit vision isn't it?

And then we come to this:

<span class=

need a closer look?


I luff this skirt.
But I have a lot of things to say....
What is she wearing with this skirt?

worn with

Which: FINE.
What would *I* wear with this skirt?



lovely clutch

and a scarf!

What's my problem with this skirt?

from behind

Please tell me I'm not the only person who sees this.



NorahS said…
Ha! Thanks for starting my day with a smile and a snort, for that is what I did when I saw the last pic. I like your accessory choices way better!
Anonymous said…
The purse! With the peachy-pink rosettes! That is fantastic.
And thank you for the PSA about the importance of proper undergarments. The slip never goes out of fashion.
Eliane said…
She is also standing on top of something, or wearing incredibly high heels. No way her legs are that long.
Paola said…
I never realized a pair of jeans from JCrew is so darn expensive!
And Yeah, that kid of money and you can see my arse?
No good.
Crazy Mom! said…
I see London, I see France.
I see the model's underpants.
Wasn't that why slips were invented?
Anonymous said…
She needs a slip.

I think I like the IDEA of that skirt. But maybe not that particular one for some reason. Maybe I'd have to see it in person.

Good post, bb. The first post I ever saw of yours was about JCrew. You had me from hello.

I had the same skirt! It was my great aunt's prom dress! And she had a BIG butt!
Scot said…
You ladies are SO HARSH to that poor little girl wearing her mom's skirt. I mean she's, what, about 12 years old?
Cardigans new? Really. Wow, my grandfather was a man ahead of his time!
AND, WTF is juke box wash? I understand acid wash, stone wash and "get yo mama to..." wash but JUKEBOX WASH? I'm hopelessly stupid when it comes to style.
I'm just sayin'!

P.S... Does Timex have their own military now? Damn.
KPB said…
If you so much as try on that curtain I'm calling you Miss Havisham.

The end.
The Coffee Lady said…
She doesn't look happy though, does she? Because you ought to, if you have a spare few thousand to spend on one skirt.
Anonymous said…
$100+ for a pair of jeans? $400 for a pair of (non- prescription) sunglasses? Sorry, my Midwestern roots are showing...