in which I discuss shoes

- shoes by one particular company: Jeffrey Campbell. I'd like to think that Jeffrey Campbell is one guy who designs and has shoes manufactured but I'm a little too jaded. For the purposes of this post, however, I'll assume Jeffrey Campbell is just one guy who designs shoes...and I'm assuming he occasionally loses his mind.

See, this shoe

<span class=

delights me. If I had a shoe budget I'd purchase it as, for reasons unknown to me, I've only bought brown shoes for the past couple of years and sorely need some black ones. Anyway, I like the buckles and the straps and the flatness.

I had these shoes for a few days this spring -

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I teetered and enjoyed them and was very tall. But I chickened out and sent them back as I couldn't see me walking all those blocks to my office each morning in them. Very on-trend, reasonably priced and cute.

I might even be able to be talked into these -

black wedge

they're black! I'd have to see them in person.

One might even make an argument for these -


very lattice-y and fashion-forward, with a reasonable heel.

But, these?


Pushing the envelope.

And what in the world is going on here?


A lot. A lot is going on here. I haven't a clue how one wears these. What do they go with? (Do I sound old? Would Lady Gaga wear these? Is she so 2010 already?)

Finally, we come to these

<span class=

and I click away.


Hilary said…
I am so miss wild and crazy shoes…I try and push the envelope as often as I can. I have a pair similar to the gray ones. I LOVE the heels on the last two….although, even I have to admit, the whole shoe is a bit much…..I have been trying to stop my shoe spending, but this post motivated me to remember I still have an unused Christmas gift certificate from Zappos… Guess I know where I will be browsing later today…
unmitigated me said…
That first white pair, I could see with some dark blue, skinny jeans, totally cute, especially on an Olsen Twin. The last one even caught my eye, but that weird heel on the middle pair? Hmmm. The first pair in black flats with all the buckles just sings your name! K will be at it again soon, providing shoe money.
Paola said…
Lady Gaga, that's exactly whom I thought about when I saw that weird white "thing", I'm still trying to figure out how she walks on those stilts ...
I would love to see you in heels, every time I saw you it was in flatflats.
Scot said…
What, no Bubble Shoes?
alice c said…
When we were last in Paris (I thought that I would mention that to give my comment authenticity) I saw a pair of pale suede, lace-up, thigh high boots with no toes. And I thought "that is a LOT of money to spend if you are not even going to keep you feet dry."
Major Bedhead said…
I have been photographing shoes lately, for my not-really-a-job job and let me tell you, there are some seriously fugly shoes out there. I recently took pictures of something called a shootie, which was an open-toed, mock snake skin boot type thing. It's bizarre and ugly and made me weep a little.

I miss penny loafers....
Anonymous said…
The last pair are shoe art.