in the kitchen

K and I had a great beach day on Saturday. The weather was perfect and I fell asleep a couple of times. I got into the ocean up to my ankles (still too cold) and am now a little sunburned.
We stopped at K's mom's, on the way home, and she fed us an old family favorite which involves minced Muenster cheese, onion, mayo and Worcestershire sauce (I KNOW!) and K put an air conditioner in her window. For weeks we've been worried about how he'd lift it alone and, after we saw it, he hefted it with only mild difficulty. Silly us.
Anyway, having filled up on Cheese Muck On Toast (as it is fondly called) and a couple of cool beers, we headed home.
Our plan for dinner (for the boys) was burritos of leftover beans and rice and pork. K makes excellent burritos, fyi. But, when we walked into the kitchen, it became obvious that the boys had already thought of burritos for lunch!
I had to take Middle and Youngest out to pick up their Father's Day presents (yes, Father's Day, no, I don't think he cares about it, especially) so we went in search of dinner as well.
Long story short (though I have gone ON): screwdrivers are easier/harder to find than I thought and two stores had no milk. We ended up at the Japanese grocer where I bought a variety of dumplings/potstickers (which actually DO stick to pots) and some bok choy.
So, THEN I decided I'd like to make a Blueberry Lemon Buckle* for K for Sunday's breakfast just as K realized we only had a tablespoon of dumpling sauce to go with dinner.
Did I mention that he had also decided to make ice cream?

ice cream

Coffee Heath Bar Crunch was in production on one side of the kitchen.

<span class=

Blueberry Buckle was being prepped on the other side of the room.


Dumpling sauce was being whisked up in the middle.

There was a moment when K was in danger of adding Mirin to his cream.

We steamed and fried all the goodies and boiled up some Edemame and had a feast.


The Buckle? Supreme.

*A recipe from the blog of a former co-worker - and a wonderful, beautifully written blog even if you don't cook.


Anonymous said…
Your kitchen sounds like one of the most swell places in the world.
Can I come and spend my summer vacation with you?
(don't panic...just kidding)
Hilary said…
This weekend was perfect beach weather, even though I heard it rained on the other shore on Sunday afternoon. I am so glad you got to enjoy. I actually went up to my thighs in the ocean yesterday before work... I think it is quickly warming.

I LOVE your kitchen. Your shelves are great. And, I would kill for a 6 burner stove!
Paola said…
Bb that haircut makes you look even younger than what you normally look.

That gynormous Bialetti makes me laugh each time I get to see it.

I can taste every dish you describe, really.
Julia said…
Coffee Heath Bar Crunch looks delectable. And thanks for the blog tip - always nice to hear about new neighbors!
Jen said…
Yum! We call that Welsch rabbit.
Scot said…
Oh you have one of those horrid little ice cream majers too. I love mine/I hate mine. I love that I can make coffee ice cream stronger than store bought stuff. I love that I can play around and come up with flavors not sold anywhere.(Deep dish apple pie NEEDS cinnamon ice cream right?) I hate that it makes, what seems like a thimble full. This year I'm buting a bigger one. How do you feed 5 people out of these things? And don't say smaller portions - not an option! Still wanting to trade recipes.
BTW, sooooo jealous of your kitchen!
Scot said…
Oh good lord, my typing sucks today. So sorry. My eyes are somewhat undependable today.
ice cream maker not majer and I'm Buying a bigger one this year, not buting a bigger one. Sorry 'bout that.
Unknown said…
I luff your kitchen. Wish it were mine everytime I see it. Covet, covet, envy, envy...
Fannie said…
Nothing better than a nap in the sun by the water. Well, maybe homemade ice cream and Blueberry Buckle!
Anonymous said…
I like your dress. And you are so wee, bb! You can barely see the top of that stove.

Trina said…
mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, yum! xx