Lots to say. Nothing to say.
I'm irritated.
It's very very warm over here and last night there was a brief but mighty storm which uprooted trees and causeD (effing typo) my rail line to be knocked out of service for the evening rush.
It wasn't too bad, in the end, I took a different line to a nearby town and K actually had a harder time driving to retrieve me (downed trees, traffic, power outages).

I have my hair in a minuscule pony-tail. That's some news isn't it? Alas, it will not be for long as I am in need of a trim. It's refreshing, though, when the temps are over 90.

Don't you hate it when you find a blog you've never seen before and are delighted by it only to discover that the writer doesn't update EVERY DAY. I need people to write every DAY.
Or what about this? You find a blog you like and then you realize that the writer is de-crappifying (IS SO A WORD) her entire home?! I mean, yes, the title should have tipped me off, and, no, she is not holier-than-thou about it, but STILL. How can I enjoy reading her with all the crappe I have in MY house? Fear not. I'll work it out.
Why do all the interesting bloggers live so far from me?

I told you. Irritated.

Speaking of bloggers from far away: I had lunch with the always lovely Eleanor. She really is a shining light and I had forgotten that she laughs easily and often. She was a lovely spark in the middle of my week and I greatly look forward to seeing her again soon.

Youngest must sit in the heat and play trumpet at graduation today.

I thought I'd just throw that in. Because it annoys me as well.


Poppy B. said…
Ugh, the heat (and getting Young Master Buxom's camp crappe done) is doing everyone in. I've had big honking branches fall off the same tree twice in a single week--into my neighbors' yard--just when they were having a tent put up for their daughter's graduation party. Had to have the tree guy come by. I can't wait to see that bill.

But a package arrived today from J. Crew with not one but two pairs of oxford brogues ... in saddle brown and cream. They're TOTALLY Fred Astaire. The leather is LIKE BUTTAH.

And you will meet them in person in August. Just a more few weeks, so hang in there!
Hilary said…
Yesterday was definitely a fun filled day! My office is located in the heart of the storm. I have never seen rain so fall so fast and so strong in my life. After the power was out for a while, I had to escort my team to the bathroom, holding flashlights into the stalls for them. When we finally decided call it a day, we walked down the stairs guided by our cell phone’s backlight. My husband picked me up because our nephew was graduating HS at a nearby college. Trying to be “smart” and avoid all the out lights on the main road, I tried to navigate us though all the back roads. I can’t believe how many trees I saw down! And as bad as it was there, on the island’s other shore, there was not even a drizzle!
Badger said…
Oh yeah? Well, starting at the end of July my boy child will be MARCHING ON BLACKTOP in 100+ degree heat carrying a SOUSAPHONE. My boy child, who cannot hear outdoors and is deathly afraid of flying insects. So howdaya like THEM apples?

My only consolation is that I'm having oral surgery the week before summer band starts so I should be all stocked up on Valium and Darvocet.

OMG, my word verification is taterap. I would love a tater app for my Droid, actually.
Suse said…
You got those two blogs from me didn't you?

I'm so proud.
Paola said…
I will only say I have a family of four here and can barely find the time to wee ...
RW said…
wait just a minute
you had lunch with eleanor!

I got nothing for you with regards to the temperature. Our summer temps are ridiculously low. I long for heat.

and you are going to see eleanor again soon?

you are some fortunate.
The Coffee Lady said…
If I wrote every day, I'd be crap.

Some of us just don't have it in quantity.
Anonymous said…
Wait. Eleanor is in the US again?
Julia said…
Tell Eleanor it is time to make a traipse around Europe while she is on her northern hemisphere tour.

The Czechs would blame the air pressure on Friday annoyances. I hope the weekend has improved the atmosphere!
Anonymous said…
Muggy and sweaty is enough to cause irritation. Ugh.
Anonymous said…
I annoy myself with my lack of updating!
Miz S said…
Whoops! That was me.
Caterina said…
Everyone seems to know Eleanor!

I shamefully do not update everyday. Lack of creativity? time? discipline? Take your pick.