four things I'd like to try

Sometimes, when I'm bouncing around the internet, I like to look at only one kind of site - all shoes, all art, all video or all food, for example.
Here are five recipes, from here and there, that I'd like to try:

Why not start the day with Eggs Rothko? You needn't make the brioche yourself, there's plenty out there. What could be better than gooey egg and brioche and cheeeeeeeeese?

It's hot. I'll have a Watermelon Mojito, please.

I used to make Orzo Salad a couple of times each summer - it's fallen out of rotation and we need it again.

It's cherry season, how's about a Clafoutis?

I'd make anything Mr. Bittman suggests, but I love frisee salad with bacon and a poached egg best.


Poppy B. said…
The salad sounds just like the expensive one at Whole Foods. But green olives? I usually can't stand Greek olives, but they really make the WF version. So I'd make that substitution. And I'm totally going to make this to surprise Mr. Buxom.
Cookin' Canuck said…
The frisee salad with bacon & poached egg sounds wonderful!

I hope you enjoy the mojito.
Paola said…
Oh my ... today is all about food aroudn my circle of blogs. You people are REALLY tempting me. All these yummy dishes adn gorgeous drinks.
Say no more.
Anonymous said…
I'd love to eat these things. Trouble is, no one else I live with would touch it.
Amy A. said…
I just printed out the orzo salad. Yum!
Anonymous said…
This post reminds me that there is not enough hard alcohol in my life. You have to have rum on hand to make a mojito, and I'd love to have a watermelon mojito. I need to get myself to the liquore store pron-to!

Caterina said…
Watermelon Mojito. I read it and was reminded there is no longer a Tavern on the Green.

On a different (but similar?) note, every time I read your blog title, I get a little sad. No more fat dog :P
cary perk said…
Ha, I printed Bittman's salad recipe as well, It's my all-time favorite salad. I usually make it on New Year's eve with lobster!

Priscilla said…
The Watermelon Mojito? Printed off and in the drink folder. That'll be happening this summer for sure.