a day off

Yesterday was The Board Meeting.
Which conference room? Will the air conditioning work? Will it be too cold? Flowers? No flowers? Snacks? Just bottled water. Important documents? Hand carried.
My shoulders and neck feel stressed.
I took today off.
I'm not sure what to do with myself though, of course, things will present themselves.
K has had some wonderful meetings. He waits for the phone (need a film cut? how about a short video montage?) and keeps himself busy.
I am anxious to hear about our new health insurance - will Youngest's very expensive injections be approved? I'm trying not to think about it too much but you can imagine.

I have a very confusing eight page packet to read concerning Youngest's attendance at the summer program in town next month. I've printed it but have no ambition to tackle it. It's one of those documents that seems to want to make things as confusing as possible and I suppose he will read it and be very relaxed about learning which building is which and what forms are necessary to bring but I'd like to be familiar with his schedule as well.

It's too cool for the beach or that's where we'd be...


Amy A. said…
a day off and no specific plans... sounds devine! Enjoy. :)
Paola said…
Too cool for the beach ...
Here all of a sudden it's FULL ON SUMMER and it's TOO HOT for me.
Oh fall, where are thee ...
Anonymous said…
A day off sounds nice. I am on day 3 of working 12 days in a row (have to work long hours this week and through the weekend). So far so good though.

I love uncommitted days at home. They are my favorite! I went to work - saved the day for another time. Now watching The Princess make up The Teen for prom (It's "Prom" y'know, not "The Prom". Or so I was told.)
Anonymous said…
Sounds like your day off came in the nick of time.
I'm like you--I despise the long, cumbersome reading material like insurance applications. I leave the heavy stuff to D.