Blackbird's Two Minute Movie Reviews

Last weekend we watched 8 Women.

8 Women

What did I think?

8 Women

Je ne l'ai pas aimé. C'était stupide.

sigh. 8 Women.

Was that two minutes?


Paola said…
I can't watch a movie. Don't have the time to.
C'est la vie!
Anonymous said…
"I did not like. It was stupid."


"Ek het nie wil. Dit was dom."
in Afrikaans.
Anonymous said…
Two seconds. But thanks for saving me a couple hours!
Mary said…
Maybe only a split second.

But most enlightening!
Scot said…
Damn, I was going to rent that. I'd watch anyhing with Catherine Deneuve in it. I'm a sucker for her beauty. She makes my head tilt.
So, who did it?

Hey, my secret word is BRASH!
Duyvken said…
I didn't much like it either. And I was constantly irritated that I don't look like Emmauelle Beart.
Damn universe.
Anonymous said…
See, I watched that movie several years ago and I enjoyed it tres much. I thought it was deliberately campy and melodramatic and thought that made it cute.