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I can't stop! Reviewing movies!

We saw Sherlock Holmes the other night and I have some thoughts.

Mr. Ritchie

I find Guy Ritchie somewhat attractive. Look at his earnest face. One just knows that he married Madonna with the best of intentions.

Mr. <span class=

I quite like Mr. Downey too. Admire him, even.

Mr. Law

Mr. Law was as good a Dr. Watson as any I've seen.

let's get physical

There was much anguished slow-motion action.

how to dress your bustle

I was not fond of the heroine but I liked the movie very much.
And now I know how to dress my bustle.

I do think, however, that Mr. Downey played Mr. Holmes like Dr. HOUSE.


Paola said…
Did I ever tell you about the time they shot part of Only You here in 1994? I met RDJ and Ms. Tomei too. RDJ travelled with his personal guru and had MANY requests @ the Hotel I used to work where they filmed... and they say women are DIVA!
But it was fun too.
The Coffee Lady said…
Robert Downey Junior is so easy to watch. I'm not so keen on Jude Law, though. I've read too many shagged-the-nanny stories.

Why I let Downey's past go by without changing my opinion of him I have no idea. It could be something to do with the picture of him with his top off, though.
Happydog said…
Ohh Paola...Only You was one of my favourite movies set in seemed like Italy was one of the characters! Still trying to get there...maybe next year!
Anonymous said…
Hmmmm. Now that you've written that, I feel I'll have to watch it again to be certain about the Dr. House thing.
I did like that movie.
alice c said…
Oh dear, oh dear. I disagree with you - I knew that it had to happen one day.

After 20 minutes I decided that I couldn't bear to watch any more so I shut my eyes and went to sleep. My family were not impressed.
jo said…
You're Dr House comment has no intrigued me to see it. I had no intention until then even though I adore RDJ.
robiewankenobie said…
the whole movie felt like an insincere introduction to a franchise. i swear it gave me hives.
Anonymous said…
In spite of a slow start, I liked it, too.

I think we get over RDJ's falls because he keeps getting up and keeps trying to do better.

I think Jude Law is charming on film, and I wish I didn't know so much about his other activities.

I have never watched a full episode of House. Imagine!