Blackbird's Two Minute Movie Reviews

(I don't know if this promises to be a series, but it's a catchy title, isn't it?)

Up In The Air

Who doesn't want to watch George Clooney for 120 minutes? (That's a rhetorical question. Of course EVERYONE wants to watch George Clooney for 120 minutes - though I'm guesstimating the running time.)
What impressed me was the fact that no one else in this film is especially good looking.
Also, someone by the elevator (I can't remember who) told me that all the "actors" who were laid off in the movie were real people who had just been laid off.
So, to sum up, maybe not the best movie to watch with your husband if HE'S just been laid off, but, hey, George Clooney!

Tune in next time when I review Nine.
Does anyone get fired in Nine?


Crazy Mom! said…
I lurf George. I lurf him.

'Scuse me while I wipe my drool.
Scot said…
Ughm...No not really. Clooney's ok, but really, just ok.
NINE!!!Everybody gets fired up in Nine! Oh, fired...well no. I don't believe anybody get fired in Nine. I could be wrong.
Nine is slow, kinda boreing for the most part. Then WHAM! Penelope Cruz totally sets the screen ablaze! So hot she sizzles. Then it gets kinda slow again. Slow, slow, slow and just when I was about to fall asleep BAM! Fergie drops by and heats things up again! Nice! I've only ever seen her in Black Eyed Peas videos before, NOW I know just what HER HUMPS are! Surprisingly good piece of casting there. Very nice indeed. Then - slow, slow, slow again. Judi Dench and Sophia Loren try to heat the screen some but lets face it-their humps are kinda weathered and not particularly sexy anymore. No disrespect meant but was Judi Dench ever a sex symbol...anywhere?
The high point, and I mean THE ABSOLUTELY HIGH POINT is Goldie Hawn, er, I mean Kate Hudson. A total 60's slyle song and GoGo dance number. THANK YOU MAM! FANTASTIC! She sings! She (dawns a mini skirt and GoGo boots and just like her mother, she) dances! She makes this entire movie worth watching! I have watched that scene of the movie more than once and believe me, it may be circa 1960 but it never gets old. Even if you don't watch the movie, go to youtube and catch Goldie's daughter's performance! You'll see what I mean and why that's such a simple mistake. Really the only other impression I took from that movie was "Cool Car!"
Oh yeah, Nicole Kidman is in it too. Ugh. and that little French girl Marion Cotillard, she's in it too.
Iknow, I know, more than a 2 minute review but, what the hell, I type really slowly...
Paola said…
OK, I am NOT a Clooney fan. Not my type. Something wrong with me? Dunno, but I just don't like him. As a man. I really enjoy his acting though.
I have both Up in the air and Nine lined up for me to watch but never find the time to.
Half a minute, no review.
Duyvken said…
*sigh* George.

I wonder if you'll find that you stumble across films that are NOT good to watch if you have just been laid off because I could write a short list of films not to see if you have just had a miscarriage. I swear that the first 2 or 3 films we saw after I miscarried last year ALL contained miscarriages. It was a recurring theme in The Time Travellers Wife and that was the movie we hired ti watch the night after as a way of taking our minds of it all.
That didn't work, LOL.
Anonymous said…
And even when he's not at his physical best (hello, Syriana!), his acting is so solid and his voice just gravelly and lovely. I must see this.
Amy A. said…
Guido sort of gets fired... And some one else quits. I loved NINE, can't wait to see if you like it, what with all the bursting out in song, and such. :)
Carol said…
Fora different George filled distraction, try The Men Who Stared at Goats. But know the goat gets it.

I thought the 2 main women were quite attractive, but the movie was a huge downer and not even because of all the firings. I did not understand why so many people seemed to love this one.
Anonymous said…
Up in the Air: Overrated. George Clooney: Highly rated. Very.

Nine: must watch soon to see if I agree with Scot's review. I love a good song and dance number.

I am sitting on Netflixed Juno (speaking of Up in the Air; same director) and An Education. When will I have time to watch them?? Not any time soon.

robiewankenobie said…
@ Duyvken: you and me both, sister. i distinctly remember slugging through the snow to watch a movie (my husband worked at night during the time, and i didn't want to be alone) and i chose "Eye of the Beholder." what are the chances?
Duyvken said…
Hi Robiewankenobie,
they're a frequently used dramatic device, I've discovered. Sounds like we're unlikely to be the only ones to have had that particular cinematic surprise.