time out

I'm taking a brief blog break.
Lots to think about over here - I hope you'll bear with me.

More later.


Anonymous said…
Always, bb.

NorahS said…
I will miss you. Take care!
Jess said…
Mwah. Hope the sun comes out soon.
Jen on the Edge said…
I find that a little sabbatical -- whether it's a few days or a week or (once) a month) -- does wonders for helping me sort things out.

So, enjoy your time off. Good luck with whatever it is that you are pondering. And, if needed, I'm happy to send hugs.
Eleanor said…
No worries, I do it all the time and never apologise or explain. No need.

P.S. I blackbirded a young woman today and thought of you. I was walking along the coastal path and passed her, she was standing and looking out at the ocean. She was dressed in a combination of vintage/op-shop clothes, multicoloured variety that just seemed to suit her perfectly....red patterned leggings with purple socks and black boots, plaid pinafore-style dress, long black hand-knitted scarf...can't quite explain. Anyway, as I walked back home I passed her again, this time walking the opposite way, so I told her that I loved her style. She held the palms of her hands together and did a little bow and thanked me for making her day.

So thanks bb, for making her day...and mine.

E xxxx
Amy A. said…
Eleanor! "To blackbird" needs to be added to the Urban Dictionary, I think.

Happy Thoughts for you, bb!
Anonymous said…
I've been needing a commenting break, so thanks for taking the lead.

Take care, dear bb, and don't think too much. Remember to breathe.

Anonymous said…
Here's to respites and revivals.
Paola said…
I'll be the only one to say I am sorry.
Sorry to miss your daily posts which never fail to make me think, laugh, ponder, learn, cherish, love, sigh.
But I understand and will be here.
If I may be so selfish I'd like to share with all of you dear blogfriends that today it's my birthday.
I had a lovely day and would like to share it with you all.
Since I don't have a blog I am taking advantage of Bb's who is always so dear to me. She'll forgive me for this.
d.Sharp said…
Hope you enjoy your break - take care!
alice c said…
Happy Birthday to the lovely Blogless Paola who I would not have met without the hospitality offered by the Birds of Tuvalu.
Caterina said…
You have a fabulous following. I enjoy their comments almost as much as I enjoy your posts.

Hope all is well {hug}.
I'll be here when you get back.
Duyvken said…
See you when you're back.
Wishing you all well,
Anonymous said…
Buon compleanno, dear Paola!

The Coffee Lady said…
... drums fingers...
Badger said…
Alrighty then.
Anonymous said…
I love how the comment section of bb's blog is the main page of Paola's blog.


Happy Birthday, dear Paola! And bb, hurry back. Your audience awaits you.
chickie said…
Wait!! I just got addicted to this blog. Unfair. I'll bear with you but it won't be pretty on my end. Love the blog, love you more.
islaygirl said…
i don't comment much these days, but i visit often and think of you and your lovely family even more. be well
xo islaygirl
Anonymous said…
Hope all is well and we see you again soon, rested and refreshed.

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