this Star Wars stuff never ceases to amaze me

...and I'm sure it amazes you too. This via my brother.

He sends this too -


you need it in your syrup? maybe it's time for a 12 step program.

Yeah. Welcome to Wednesday, wherein I let my brother do my blogging.

Oh, and, Middle pointed out that yesterday was Star Wars Day.
What is Star Wars Day I hear you asking?
May The Fourth.


Anonymous said…
We used to have a housemate who added Wild Turkey to everything. It was quite good in pancake syrup. Just sayin'...
Anonymous said…
Funny about May 4. I have never heard that. Makes me want to affect a lithp: Let'th go thee Thtar Warth! It'th been re-releathed!

Duyvken said…
May the 4th.
Our kids often tell one another to 'use the fork' while we're having dinner.
Cutlery reminders are still a big part of mealtimes around here and this always gets them giggling.
Anonymous said…
Well, technically, isn't it "May the Fourth be with you"?

(And I love it b/c it's my grandma's birthday, though she's now part of Earth. She'd be 105 this year, made it to 100. May the fourth be with you Grandma!)

Anonymous said…
WHO is having twins? Bro?
I just checked out his blog and---though I LOVE sculling, I was biting my lip and laughing. But, good for him following his dream and blogging about it. Go, bb's bro! Or b?!

I need this, with two young boys so malleable. I can mold them into anything. Artists. Chefs. Owners of Coin Museums. (um, 8-yr-old's current interest)


Ok. I know. I kid myself.

blackbird said…
No ONE we know is having twins. Ahem.
Anonymous said…
That was GREAT.
Joan said…
Your brother clearly has too much free time. For now. LOL.
Paola said…
What am I missing???!