The thing is,

gold things

I really would like


to purchase a swim suit

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without metal embellishments or zippers or ruching.

Or laces.


I don't think I need laces on my bathing suit. And now I see why some people call them bathing costumes.

If she doesn't look comfortable


why would I think I would be comfortable?



- is so bizarre that I am somewhat intrigued by it.

I can't imagine anyone comfortable enough with their own midsection for this one:


Can you picture me sitting on the beach on the Cape in this?

<span class=

rubber pants

No comment.


I need to see some models who are in their 50's, have had a few kids and enjoy the occasional bagel with cream cheese.

Until then I'll be at the pool with my suit that looks like a tank top and shorts.
Amy A. said…
I kinda like the second to the last one. Would give the sea shore a kind of "cabaret" feel to it!
robiewankenobie said…
ass ruching? laws.
Priscilla said…
Oh for Heaven's sake!!

Not a one of them, no, not one.

I cannot imagine wearing anything like this even back when I had a bod like that.

Well, not just like that.
Caset said…
The only good ruching is Esther Williams ruching: http://www.esther-williams.com/swimwear.php
It is magical, comfortable ruching. Plus it's Esther Williams! Though that had very little impact with my friends in their mid-20s... they just liked the suit.
Anonymous said…
I am in the market for a new one- piece. I saw one in a magazine for my fall-fruit shaped body (not apple)...and loved it (as much as one can LOVE a swimsuit, grr), but wonder if $158 is too much to spend. Dammit. I think it is.

Paola said…
Hilary said…
I actually love the second one, but can’t quite picture any real life woman ever wearing it. As for the green one, I was listening to cosmo radio last night on my way home from work, and they were talking about the scrunch butt bikini bottom. I was so curious as to what it was… Thanks, now I know!