Swidwin, Zachodniopomorskie, Poland

London, London, City of

Espoo, Southern Finland

Newtownards, Ards

Rome, Lazio

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Hazelbrook, New South Wales

Morden, Merton

Mongolia, Ulaanbaatar

Bautzen, Sachsen

Roscrea, Tipperary

Champs, Limousin

Amsterdam, Noord-Holland

Caserta, Campania

Duderstadt, Niedersachsen


Yes. Singapore. Just Singapore.

I try not to look at my stats too often but I had three days off last weekend.
People come from all over the internet. I like that.
I wonder what life is like in Espoo. It looks the same as anyplace else on the map, doesn't it?
There's a Radisson there. This surprises me.
Seems a little damp there this week.
Helsinki is but a stone's throw from Espoo....

Saskatoon? Well, I have a couple of friends there so I know who's reading.


eurolush said…
Ulaanbaatar? That was me. Weekend trip to Mongolia. Yak hunting.
Paola said…
That is one lovely assortment of people I must say. Good for you attractign people from all over the globe.
Anonymous said…
Singapore... that would be me. Been reading your blog ever since I was in Taiwan (did that show up in your stats 2years ago?) It's wonderful to read about Tuvalu from across the seas! :)
Anonymous said…
bb Blogs Globe. Love it!

(Hooray Sue!)

Mary said…
Hazellbrook NSW - that would be me - or else someone who lives very close to me as it is a neighbouring village

I wonder who else will "own their town"
Anonymous said…
Saskatoon is two hours north of where I am.

And that makes me sad.

Trina said…
love your writing!
love from Thame (near London) :-) xx