spring trends I like - and some I don't

The coats have been banished to the closet in Tuvalu. People are walking around in their shirtsleeves and I'm seeing lots of stuff I love, out there on the street, and some fashion trends I don't like very much.

Here's my report:

I see dozens of beautiful cardigans out there. I think JCrew must have popularized the cardi with a new crowd. Just a few years ago they were considered sort of stuffy but now they are available everywhere and are terrific on cool mornings or in AC.

I love footless tights/leggings with shorts. (I know! Who'd have expected THAT?) I'm not talking about me wearing them but I've seen leggy girls looking adorable in tights and shorts.

Boots, bare legs and skirts. Yep. Another look I'd never have thought of but it's kind of cute - and just right as it's warm enough for bare legs and not too hot for boots. It's a delicate balance between proportion of boot (think mid-calf) and skirt length (think not-so-Stevie-Nicks) but I've seen a bunch of ladies pull it off quite well.

On men, I'm noticing plaid shirts with rolled sleeves! And fabulous old-school sneakers like Sperrys or Vans.

Meanwhile, I will continue my rant against wearing those lovely jersey-fabric dresses without the proper undergarments. Slips, I want to shout! I saw some very nice slips at the Gap last week (signifying the ease of purchase) and yet there is nary a slip to be seen in my city. The other day I was walking behind a shapely woman in a beautiful clingy skirt and I could clearly see every movement of her butt muscles AND the outline of her thong. I was praying she wasn't walking into my office building as I would find it difficult to restrain myself from entreating her to BUY A DAMN SLIP. Yes, I know, she probably looked "sexy" but I don't want to see her thong.

Also, I am having a hard time going with the whole I'm wearing a plaid bra under my sheer white blouse thing. While it's true that the saleslady at Nordstrom tried to convince me that this is a very hip look (the wearing of the patterned bra under the sheer top) I am not buying it! I didn't buy it!

Finally, I'd like to have a quick word about gladiator sandals. I'm guessing gladiator sandals were shown on runways around the world a few years ago and that they have now become affordable and available to the masses. But gladiator sandals, my friends, are a very stilted look and not easy to wear in everyday go-to-the-office settings. There's just something amiss with a JCrew skirt, tee shirt, cardi and glad sandals look and I believe the world needs to know about it.
For me, sandals of this type must really stand alone, as the centerpiece of an ensemble else they appear out of place or worse: like a costume.

I feel better already.

BTW, it took me all day to be able to finish this post. FYI.


Crazy Mom! said…
I am very fond of wearing a cafe au lait bra because it does NOT show!!!

I dispise the gladiator sandals. They are BAD
Anonymous said…
Gladiator sandals: only for the long-limbed, cankle-less, tanned. And yeah, they're kinda passe now.

I never gave up my cardigans. I've always rocked the sexy-librarian look. (But I'm a sexy librarian in a SLIP, sans thong.)

My beef of late: what is with all the SHEER clothing? Not only that, but some of that sheer shite is easily ripped, and it wasn't cheap.


p.s. somewhere in Tuvalu, there is a vortex where you and the Sart must converge.
Skirts, bare legs and boots. I know a couple of under-age-25 sorority girls who do this with cowboy boots and they are adorable.

Cardigans. I need a couple of cardis with short sleeves, so I can wear tank tops to work.

Gladiator sandals should only be worn with a toga.

Men with shirts with rolled-up sleeves are tres sexy.

You will be glad to know that I only wear my black snakeskin patterned bra under my black tshirts.
Elan Morgan said…
I'm quite fond of the gladiator sandal, myself. Although, I've noticed that people seem to be either for them or against them. What I am against? The gladiator high heel. It's a nasty piece of work.
eurolush said…
I'm quite fond of the J.Crew Jackie cardi, if you must know. Which is quite obvious when I open my wardrobe and the entire color spectrum of cardis appear, like old friends. They're a staple. One might even say, a crutch.

PS-I'd like to be someone who looks amazing in gladiator sandals...alas...no good. Don't have what it takes.
Badger said…
Tights with shorts? Are you HIGH?

I am down with cardis, though. And old-school sneaks. Possibly even together, for a sexy Mr. Rogers kind of thing.
RW said…
I love cardigans and need to update my closet. I only have black and white. Something of colour would be nice.

Love boots and skirts and bare legs.
Fannie said…
I could never wrap my mind around the concept of Gladiator sandals. All those straps and buckles seem like too much work! Oh, and I’m going to agree with Badger – shorts and tights? Egad!
Paola said…
Don't get me started on the thong lines, see through clothing, bulging bosom and so on. It's like a must, I see all over here. But the terrible thing is that women WITHOUT the right body do that and it's awful. AWFUL.
Gladiators ... same thing.
Anonymous said…
Yes, pantylines are never stylish. Cardigans always are.
Jen said…
My eldest wears the glad sandals and they're fab on her, passe or not. It helps to be young, slim, and with legs that go up to your neck. In fact, youth + endless legs can get away with a lot.

I ADORE tights with shorts. Especially if the shorts are held up by suspenders attached with big gold buttons, and the person wearing the ensemble is a cartoon mouse.
Amy A. said…
I do boots and bare legs, but not sure I could pull off the tights and shorts. Do you suppose there is an age cut off for that?
halloweenlover said…
AMEN to the slip thing! Real Simple just did this article on fashion rules and they BASHED slips and said no one wears them anymore and it is fine to see the outline of your body, blah blah blah and I was HORRIFIED. Slips make you look thin! And presentable! And not clingy! And then you don't have to spend your time pulling your skirt out of your booty crack, and I don't have to SEE YOU pulling your skirt out of your booty crack!

Sigh. Can you tell I feel passionate about this issue?

I also became enraged when that same fashion article said that women need to never have panty lines and should always wear thongs. Um, hello? I'm okay with knowing you are wearing underwear. I think it is outrageous that we have to wear underwear that isn't comfortable because someone has decreed that regular underwear on a woman is no longer okay. Grrrr.
Duyvken said…
I love leggings with shorts but I haven't worn it myself. It reminds me of the ballet students I see around the neighbourhood - beautifuly clear skin, tightly pulled back hair, footless tights, shorts, slouchy top, bit tote holding all their ballet kit. Gorgeous!
Scot said…
I always wear plaid shirts with the sleves rolled up. In Colorado its the law. You hsve to buy at least 2 EVERY year if your a man, 14 if your a lesbian.
Truthfully, flannel shrinks soooo easily that the sleves don't fit anymore. You gotta roll them up, but they ALWAYS look good with long sleve t-shirts.
Oh, and Vans were made for 50 year olds! I don't care what teenagers will say.

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