someone left a tissue in the wash

Everyone has been very kind to us.
It warms the heart and bolsters the spirits.
But I do need to say (and I don't propose to be heroic) that I truly believe that life is full of bumps and while we ride the road (enough metaphor for you?) we are blessed.

Tracy sent these words:
Sometimes stuff like this happens and it feels like it might be a bad thing, but everything always works out in the end and then you wonder why you worried. My sister sent me a really interesting article about positive thought. It said in order to live a happy life we should stop thinking about events as positive or negative. Just think of them as events in a life.
This event will lead to another event then another later on. It all becomes part of the narrative of your life.

This could not be more true to me.

In the meantime, have you read the Best-of-Craiglist? Oldest passed it to me. Oldest, whose life is a hard road that he fights against every day. Through his journey he is incredibly true to his own self. I admire him tremendously for this though I don't always (rarely, even) agree with his views. Anyway, it's a great read. Go. Read.

And then there's this. Passed to me by Middle, today.

I'm sitting listening to Prairie Home Companion, the dishes are done (though I could not muster the energy to scrub that frying pan) and the windows are all open (metaphors again).
K is well - he went to his favorite beach yesterday and cleared his head.
I'm busy with work, which is a great and wonderful thing.
Middle is busy with work and friends and Youngest is well - the most well he's ever been.
Oldest is strumming softly on his guitar in the next room.

It's Saturday night.


Crazy Mom! said…
I've been snorting over Best of Craigslist for many months. Unfortunately, it's not updated often enough.

PHC is live from Hotlanta tonight. Wish I was there at the Fox.

Are you familiar with Homestar Runner?
Your Oldest and My Oldest are on that hard road together. I worry a lot.
The craigslist about Shadow Kitty just made me all teary.
And then Big Chill Bunnies! and Brokeback Mountain Bunnies! and Jaws Bunnies! made me laugh again.
Anonymous said…
I like how Best of Craigslist warns that the content may be "tasteless, and/or not funny." Funny.

And am just realizing that your frying pan mention was in THIS post. Dang it. But it's good to hear that all the guys are doing well.

alice c said…
Tracey has the gift of being able to find the right words in difficult situations. I have been grateful for her wisdom and insight more times than she realises.
robiewankenobie said…
i hate it when life is HARD, but having kind people surrounding you makes all the difference, don't you think? my friends are the snarky sort (which i love about them), but they really know how to bestow grace.
Paola said…
God I wish I had Tracy's wisdom ...
Unknown said…
Better a tissue in the wash than the cake out in the rain.

Oh, wait, scratch that, a tissue in the wash makes a much bigger mess. Never mind.
Mary said…
Just arrived here after being absent myself for a week or so - and was sorry to read about K - although having read your blog for so long now I know well enough that you two are so strong for each other and that will see you through (and what a difference now you are working)

and loved reading about red scooter guy - it makes me want to get a scooter and have people wonder about me!!