So, I think, as I dislike Mother's Day, as you know, that there should be songs celebrating it. Heck, we have songs for everything - why not songs for this?
(Okay, maybe we do have songs for MD, but we can't think of any off the top of our heads.)
Hence, I'd like to nominate three choices for songs that I think are appropriate.
And you should listen to me. Because, Luke, I am your Mother.

#1 (Thank you Fluid Pudding)

#2 Billie Holiday. Families across the world should sing this to their mums today. And they should all do imitations of Billie Holiday whilst singing it.

#3 Oh Canada. Yes. Oh Canada. I've always admired it and the zeal with which you Canadians sing it.

And so, dear friends, I encourage you to go forth today and sing one of these songs to thine mother.


KPB said…
Is that one of the mini puds? OMG - THOSE CHEEKS! Edible.

Billie wouldn't play.

I hope that guy only got half his appearance fee for only singing half the song.

And what about that dude at the 57 second mark in the background - he's about to burst a blood vessel!

And what I love the most is how they cheer at the end of each line - like - 'look at us! we remembered another line! and another!'

The back is infinitely better - still a big patch of numbness on the front of my left thigh and niggling pain but nothing like the last week. Miami Vice Guy is a genius!

I am sure we have discussed it before as I think part of our love for each other comes from a mutual dislike of mother's day.
KPB said…
so you know I've now spent a stupid amount of time listening to versions of Oh Canada on You Tube, particularly surrounding the ice hockey olympic finals. Which then led me to investigating who this #87 was the camera kept focusing on, who is - OF COURSE - Sidney Crosby, some hockey genius-come-freak-of-nature. And now all I can think about is what lovely lips he has.

Happy M Day!

The key to it is to do exactly what you want and expect nothing from anyone else.
Neesja in Canada said…
And people say Canadians aren't patriotic! As shown, just watch hockey with us. And Kim, I agree, Sidney Crosby's lips are incredible.
RW said…
wishing you a very grand day.
here the sun is shining and it is BEAUTIFUL.
Paola said…
I worked like a donkey ALL DAY.
Happydog said…
This zeal in which we Canadians sing our national anthem is a relatively new phenomenon. When I was a kid growing up in Edmonton (sort of the Texas of Canada) even at hockey games we sort of were embarrassed to be showing any kind of patriotism (too American!) and often mumbled the words, shuffled our feet and then just cheered wildly at the end....
Badger said…
We do have a special Mother's Day song here in Texas. And it goes a little something like this:

Poppy B. said…
Around here we listen to the Mothers of Invention.
Eleanor said…
Israel has a Mother's Day song which every single child can sing by the age of 3, guaranteed.

It's sung in all the kindies while the mothers sit and listen and cry. Really. Here's a link to the lyrics and you can click on the icon at the bottom to hear it. It is a very very sad tune, and when sung in the tiny voice of a little boy/girl it becomes doubly poignant. I sang it to my mom many times!!

Anyway, thought you'd get a kick out of it.
Anonymous said…
That's some serious national pride. My.
That One said…
I tried to sing O Canada to my mom but only know those words...


But I sang it to her anyway and just kinda mumbled the rest.

She had no clue what was going on. Bless her.