Middle and I invented a corkscrew that is 10 feet by 20 feet and involves a mule pulling a giant gear. Here's a similar invention for making tea.

May Choicest Blessings Be Upon you. Customizable music e-cards.


Crazy paper thing. English? Not so much. Time on his hands? Plenty.

This guy freaks me out a little.

I've never been a Land's End shopper but this might change my mind.

I'm not crazy about sweets either but I had a tiny taste of this and it was heaven.

Lovely prints.

Still loving Valet. This is wonderful.

. I am thinking on Wellfleet.

Brother B now has a blog and, while it may be more than you ever wanted to know about kayaking, it is so serene and well written that I believe you may just want to go kayaking after you read it.


KPB said…
For reasons even I do not understand (drugged to my eyeballs on anti-inflammatories perhaps) that thing with the staples completely freaks me out. *shudder*
eurolush said…
Love that your bro is branching out on his own well-written, informative blog. What a great resource for beginning kayakers. And you're right...it does make me want to take it up.
Anonymous said…
I absolutley LOVED the staples! Hey, I am not on drugs here...
Amy A. said…
Those swimsuits are so cute, but alas, I don't believe I will ever be able to wear a two piece again. Four babies really did it to me.
Anonymous said…
I ordered a few things from Lands End Canvas this spring--and was very pleased.
Fannie said…
Me too Green Girl! I'm not sure I could brave buying a swim suit on-line....