notes from Sunday night

  • I made pizza. I purchased the dough, but successfully (sort of) managed to form it into pizza shape, top it and bake it. It was edible. This is a first.
  • We saved at least twenty bucks by not buying bottled tea at the supermarket, which pleases me. When we told the kids that we were switching to iced tea mix they were all: cool.
  • There is no dog to lick up grated mozzarella should it happen to find itself on the kitchen floor.
  • I took a nap on Saturday and on Sunday.
  • Because I'm not worried but I am emotional. Emotional is tiring.
  • My FAOA (who is doing quite well) took a turn supporting me on the phone.
  • Lost is one crazy-ass show.
  • Yep. "Crazy-ass" is hyphenated.
  • Minute To Win It was fabulous.
  • I need a pedicure, but only on my pinkie toes.
  • Wait. So, the people on the island, on Lost, are also someplace else at the same time?
  • I'm pretty excited about attending the business event thing this week.
  • I think I'm going to wear my new dress.


Badger said…
Lost: No, they were on the island the whole time (except when some of them left back in season 3 or whenever that was, then came back). The alternate timeline they ran this season was a sort of Purgatory where they all went after they eventually died to wait for each other so they could all "move on" to Heaven or wherever as a group. NO, IT DOES NOT MAKE SENSE.

Iced tea MIX? OMGWTF?! Just make a big jug of tea and put it in the fridge like we do down south, yo! That's even CHEAPER.

I luff the dress. AND I'm glad your FAOA is doing well.
What a cute post. I'm pretty sure the pizza you made is quite delicious. Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend. God bless.
A pedicure on your pinkie toes alone sounds really cute. I can't wait to see you wearing your new dress. Good luck with the business event. Have fun!
Jan said…
Love the dress! Did you previously mention where that was from? (Hint, hint)
barbra said…
I have never watched Lost, but my 5-year-old son is completely, over-the-moon, in love with Minute to Win It. He remembers the names of all the previous contestants and what games they played. My husband and I just look at each other like "Whoa." Anyway, last night's bride was outta control!
Anonymous said…
Gotta say I'm with Badger on the proper way to brew iced tea.
Homemade pizza--mmmm.
Paola said…
Gotta back Badger here ...
And I think I remember when you showed us that dress, really nice.
What did you top your pizza with? Don't tell me pineapple please ... lol
Anonymous said…
My husband makes us prosciutto and fig pizza. So good. Trader Joe's dough. You must have a Trader Joe's, yes?

My friend (who shall remain nameless) has that dress. In fact, my friend sort of looks like that model.

Hope you're hanging in there. It's fun to scrimp and save.

RW said…
well done on the pizza.. we make homemade pizza usually once in a week in the winter...

LOST - I am still pondering what I think ... about what I saw... have to say not really sure I got what they were trying to say...

you OWN that dress... it is most lovely.
Crazy Mom! said…
Make your own tea is the BEST! And I have a terrific deep dish pizza dough recipe I'll share - it's super easy and absolutely delicious.

Love the dress. It's GORG.
Anonymous said…
For a cheap and quick pizza night, pita bread makes a nice thin crust. Individual pizza buffet!

I luff your dress. Alot.

Anonymous said…
Please, please, please try sun tea. It tastes wonderful and is wayyyyy cheap. I make it by the gallon -- sometimes just half gallon -- in the summer and drink it all myself. I am particularly fond of jasmine and Good Earth teas, but any tea will be fine.
Quirky Jessi said…
Definitely wear the dress!
Mary said…
you KNOW I love that dress - I am so glad you bought it ..

so now you must wear it!