notes from the office

ten nice things:

1. Someone asks me about a meeting and I tell them that my boss doesn't attend that particular meeting. I know, without looking it up, that he does not attend the Inventory Meeting. Even if they move it to Monday.

2. In the ladies room, a lovely woman who works down the hall is excited to show me, on her iPhone, her baby daughter's very first steps.

3. A fellow who sits across the hall from me likes to listen to baseball on the radio in the afternoon while he works. This seems so old-fashioned to me and I love it.

4. My friend J makes a silly mistake, not a big deal, but she is eager to come and tell me and we laugh - because it really IS very silly.

5. There are Wheat Thins available in the snack machine.

6. As my boss is out of town I have some time on my hands just when another department is looking for volunteers to sort and staple material. Win/win.

7. Being able to walk away at 4:00 the day Dazey died.

8. I don't think Continental Breakfast (which consists of muffins and coffee/juice) will do for the offsite meeting I've organized. I feel confident my boss will agree. He does.

9. The sound of the fellow who works just outside my door clicking away at an old-school calculator.

10. The copier no longer makes that horrible squeaking sound.


NorahS said…
Lovely little glimpse into your work life. I love those kinds of posts. Oh, who am I kidding? I love all of your posts! Have a wonderful weekend!
That One said…
#3? I ♥ it.

I'll have to see if I can get the Tigers on my radio. I've been on a Pandora Big-Band Swing kick lately. Love me some Glenn Miller.
RW said…
I think I would like a bit o' time to sort and staple.
Badger said…
I like your list and the idea behind it so much that I am going to steal it.
Paola said…
Your office always sounds so "cozy". I find it is a wonderful thing.
Anonymous said…
I like #3 too. I'm picturing shirt sleeves and horn-rimmed glasses.

And I'm realizing that you have shared Dazey's NAME. Until she died, she was just the dog. If that's the way we will end up learning your family's names, I hereby declare that we are most content with knowing you all as bb, K, Oldest, Middle and Youngest. For now and for ever!

Anonymous said…
Baseball on the radio is one of the nicest things.
Cat said…
#3, #5, and #7...very nice place to work.