notes from the office

Yesterday was an odd sort of day. My boss was in (usually he is out on Fridays) and it threw the balance of the day off a bit. But, at the same time, it was nice to not have to rush him from thing to thing.
He had told me he was leaving early and I was guessing that he'd send me home too - and I was right. First though, he shared his lunch with me and we sat and talked about our kids and dogs. He has an old Jack Russell Terrier and wants a puppy...I think it's spring fever talking.
There was a bake-off at the office on Thursday and the winner came in with a plate of her prize-winning rocky road treats. We each had a tiny square and he mentioned, after she left that he likes fruit tarts more than crazy chocolate combos. Note to me.
He sent me home at about 2:30 and I walked out into warm sunshine.
When I got down to the subway there was a lady with four dozen hot-pink foil balloons waiting for the train.
The sight of this caused a group of heavily styled teens to burst into spontaneous laughter.
I thought it was wonderful - four dozen balloons! on the subway!
Sadly, the balloon lady did not feel as magical about her cargo.
After I got to my train home I realized that crazy chocolate combos may not be my cup of tea either.
Also, I keep finding money!
Three quarters piled on the shelf in the loo at work - a quarter on my seat on the train. What do you think that means?

Middle is done with Freshman Year. I cannot quite grasp it. I will miss walking downtown with him very much.
Youngest will soon be a Junior, he has a new haircut and looks older. Taller too.
A pal of Oldest's was killed on a motorcycle yesterday.
All these things must pass.

I guess this wasn't just about the office, eh?


Paola said…
Four dozens balloons ... finding coins ...
I was happy and then BAM

I am SO sorry about Oldest's friend.
Hug him for me please.
I am so sorry about Oldest's pal. I hope he is able to talk about it.
Terrible about Oldest's friends. I detest motorcycles and actively hector MM into not getting one.

My niece is done with her freshman year also. Can't believe it's gone so fast.

On the cape and thinking of you. Going up to Wellfleet tomorrow.
Terese said…
Finding abandoned quarters points to rising inflation in the US. In Oz we find abandoned 5 cent pieces. What you call a nickel.
RW said…
I too, am sorry to hear about the death of the young man.

My son has been wearing his hair super short... as in I am off to join the military short... it pains me. I loved his longer hair.
alice c said…
I am so sorry to hear about tragic death of Oldest's friend. A loss like that has ripples that touch many people.
MsCellania said…
Very tragic. So young! How is Oldest doing with the loss?
Sorry but I think finding quarters means something about Laundry.
You are lucky your boss is such a good fellow. When I return to work, I hope I am so lucky. (I can't be the boss next career - I don't have the time.)
Anonymous said…
I'm sorry about your son's friend. That is a hard thing.