Mother's Day

Do you know that I really and truly thought Mother's Day was yesterday?
I sort of hate Mother's Day - I've written about it before. I have no problem honoring our mothers (a little bit) but I feel the falseness of it when it comes to me. It just seems contrived. And I've done nothing (or little) to encourage my boys to partake in the artifice. And yet Oldest rushed in the other day: damn, Mom, when is Mother's Day?
Anyway, I thought I would put together a post of terrific things to buy one's mother on said day, from Anthro. I saw some things that would be nice for any mum and started compiling.
I was stopped dead in my tracks by this:
beautiful dress
which is not, in any way, appropriate for one to give their mother but which I love. (I was invited to preview the May catalogue because I am special. In.My.Own.Head.) (Am I an XS?)

I did manage to find some lovely beads, on sale...

lovely beads

But then I got side-tracked again -

<span class=

a nice cardigan. I don't need a cardigan but it's very pretty. Why, though, am I unable to pull this off?

<span class=

I'll tell you why: I am short-waisted. But you, you might be able to pull this off.

Somehow, this led me here:


models with real bodies! Bravo! I can wear a two-piece bathing suit this summer. I will keep this picture in my head.
(Are those fishnet tights?)

Then I saw these (someplace else entirely)

green sneaks

and decided that they are the perfect color.

A Collection A Day had these

A collection a day

nautical flags! Love them.

So, to sum up: Mother's Day. Dislike it.
And, apparently, I'm itching for summer.


Crazy Mom! said…
We never celebrated Mother's Day (or Father's Day) when I was growing up. My parents saw it for what it is - a way to get us to buy stuff.

As a mother, I now encourage my kids to celebrate the day. Flowers are good. A nice note is better. And I told DH that I would love this:
Crazy Mom! said…
PS - love the gray dress
Anonymous said…
We're not so into it either.
alice c said…
That top photo makes me want to grow out my fringe immediately.
And if you are wearing flesh coloured fish nets to the beach you can catch your supper when you go swimming. And you can't have the sneakers because they belong to Green Girl in Wisconsin (see above)
Caterina said…
I always made my Mom something. Never bought. If it was bought, then it was a card (which was enough).

Last year, I decorated terracotta pots for my Mom and MIL, painted and with handprints of their grandchildren.

I LOVE THE SHOES! They are the perfect color. Please share where they are from??
Anonymous said…
Yep, Mother's Day blows big razzies. Giant retail (hopeful) orgasm.

Oh, but those beads are reminiscent of some angelskin coral I covet. Lovely!

Anonymous said…
I just read J's comment above as "giant reptile (hopeful) orgasm." Which I then thought was a very odd Mother's Day gift indeed.

Mary said…
All I want to do is pick you up (which I suspect I could do ) and give you a big hug because

It looks like finally anthroplogie ships to australia (which I wouldn't have known if you hadn't posted this) and


because with some modifications that grey dress may well be what I might remarry J in
Anonymous said…
The grey dress is simply divine. And, Mary, I say again for your benefit - DIVINE!