keeping busy

As K was never one to sit still before recent events, he is even more committed to doing as much as he can while at home.
It's handy because lots of things have been taken care of here at the house but I need to not feel compelled to keep up with him.
- Except it's only 11:00 and I've already done some laundry and made Crack Pie...
I had a teeny taste of Crack Pie a few weeks ago and was very excited about it, which is interesting as I am not a sweets person. Addictive and gooey, I could be happy with a one-inch square of it. My friend KT, who had shared hers with me, pointed out the recipe and I sent it home for a later date.
That weekend, I realized that it is a lengthy project - and I am not a great baker. I backed off.
But this weekend we've been invited for drinks at a neighbor's house and my boys could use a treat.
The ingredients are simple enough - though I had to pick up powdered milk and rolled oats. Each step is easy, but one must make the cookie for the cookie crust, then make the cookie crust, then make the filling and bake it (somewhat carefully IMO) until it looks like it is not done, remove it to cool and then refrigerate it. Plus, the recipe makes TWO pies and I had to adjust for the fact that the pie pans I have are two different sizes and of two different materials (glass and tin). All this, added to the fact that my very posh oven must be compensated for (convection? conventional? reduce the heat? increase the heat? two pies?) made for lots of work.
I approached it as I usually approach baking.
I measured out the ingredients for each component in separate areas, gathered all the tools and machines and set to work.
It required the mixer (twice) and the food processor as well as every little dish and bowl I could get my hands on.


I like to clean up as I go as though we have a lovely kitchen big recipes can clutter it up quickly.
I didn't hit any snags (which worries me - how could I have gotten it all right?) and the pies look the way they are supposed to:

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They get dusted with confectioners sugar before serving and I promise to report back on how they taste.

In other news:

I'm pms-y, all shaky hands and ready to cry. Terrible. Don't worry, I don't let myself think about the Big Picture, but K bought a tomato plant and mentioned that he won't have to fence it off this year (Dazey used to stand and eat our cherry tomatoes) and I was weeping in the market.

The front garden is lovely -through no fault/effort of ours,


but the back garden, where we planted shade-loving plants is barren. Fail. Again.

We have lovely moss growing -


just not where we wanted it to be.

Our bedroom is upside down with cast-off possible trade-show outfits and chores need doing.
What was that I was saying about sitting still?


Lover Lady said…
I still covet your big ol' farmhouse sink. Loves. Totes.
Paola said…
Oh Bb!!! You have peonies IN YOUR GARDEN. I LOVELOVELOVE and BEYOND peonies. Fabio just bought a bunch for my birthday which I am clinging to as if my life depended on them. I even took pictures of them. I did!
You see, peonies won't grow here, too hot. they need cool shaded areas and I tried with no result.

Yum, the crack pie looks deelish. It sounds qquite long to assemble so kudos to you, especially now that you feel PMS-y.

StLmom said…
That pie seems like an awful lot of trouble -- good for you to knock it out.
robiewankenobie said…
my mom and dad kinda lost it when the seed catalogs came in the mail. should they order? would he live to plant the garden? they went ahead and bought the seeds, but he didn't make it long enough to plant.

my mom did, though. the quakers come by and have little work parties at the house. it's okay. not what we wanted, but okay.
Anonymous said…
I want to rename it Pain in my Ass Crack Pie. Looks good though.

Miz S said…
I caught up on recent events over here a couple of days ago. Thinking about you.

Also about what Tracy said (try not to assign positive or negative to events.) I've been thinking about that a lot.
The Coffee Lady said…
Oh, just sit still. Eat pie.