So...Industry Event, many hours on my feet (though it was on top of very cushy carpet most of the time), lots of walking blahblahblah.
I have a long weekend, though, and am planning a trip to the beach with K.

You know what I love? I love reading Apartment Therapy and finding a post wherein the commenters argue!
I will preface by saying that I really do love reading Apartment Therapy for design and (strangely) cleaning information.
But there's nothing like a little brawl in the comment box to get my heart racing.

Anyway. Where was I?
Right, the beach - some fireworks, Youngest in a parade...and I am going to attempt this recipe.
I had a teeny taste of Crack Pie a couple of weeks ago and died and went to heaven. Then I came back and finished off that email I was writing. (Funny!)

Then, you know, laundry.
Here's the thing: when I get up in the morning it is cool (close to cold if I get a scooter ride to the station). When I go out during the day it is hot. When I sit at my desk it is either HOT or FREEZING.
Every weekend I tell myself that I am going to plan some outfits (and put away some cold weather things that are lingering) but I never do.
This weekend, I'm going to try.

Isn't this a nice thing?
Do you suppose it has to have one of those horrible covers over it?
Oh, to have a Classic Clothes Airer. Or might I need The Edwardian?
Ack. Have just remembered that the shelves in my kitchen felt grimy tonight.
Add it to my list.


Paola said…
The Edwardian looks adorable. Just wondering how many of them one would need to hang all the clothes one washes ...
I love when you blog these events of yours, it makes me feel part of Tuvalu's parties and such.
Mary said…
We have the Edwardian - it is fantastic - and actually fits alot of clothes on hangers!