You knew I couldn't stay away too long, didn't you?
It has been a heck of a week, punctuated by, what my MIL calls, a kick in the teeth.
I worked hard at the office in preparation for a major event next week, my boss made it to London and back and mentioned that they'd love to see me in the UK office (note to Alice!) and I went and saw my pal Jen make an appearance at a big bookstore.

Next week, I'll accompany co-workers to a two-day industry show kind of thing, be on my feet all day and, hopefully, manage the boss's time efficiently.
We await the arrival of the London staff and are hoping for ash abatement.

Jen's appearance? Well, let me tell you - I am lucky enough to be around Jen whenever I can (though it often involves air travel). If you are lucky enough to be able to see her at your local bookstore, I highly recommend it.
She is tremendously entertaining and her fans, her loyal, lovely, wonderful fans, are treated to fresh Jen. Live Jen. Hysterically funny Jen.
Have I mentioned (less than five or six times) that Chapter Four of My Fair Lazy covers her visit here, to MY HOUSE, a couple of summers ago? I've never been in a book before and blush and smile and couldn't be more tickled by this. You really need to pick it up and read it while I work on cleaning up my language (apparently I curse A LOT).
After the reading I had drinks with her and some of her peeps and publishing staff and then dashed off to the 11:19. What a night!
(As an aside, I need to tell you that a fellow in her audience mistook me for Anna Wintour. And no, he wasn't drunk.) Between being completely starstruck, chuffed over the new book and a couple of glasses of Pinot Grigio, it was memorable to say the least.

Oh, and, the kick in the teeth?
K was laid off from his job on Tuesday.
This bad thing was shocking, yes, but I was not surprised. The great guy who brought him into the company was let go a month after K arrived. Their big plans were doomed only four weeks after K was made a staff member and, frankly, I was surprised they kept K as long as they did. Business losses and layoffs all around slowly spelled doom (I guess) for K's position and he was told that he was "a luxury the company could no longer afford."
It's strange, but I just seem to not have the energy to have a breakdown about this.
I am working.
My position is secure.
We are all healthy and happy.
We have each other and we will be fine. I don't know when, exactly, but I have faith that K will move on to something else...perhaps even something that is a more comfortable fit.
He's hit the ground running and I've realized that all those years that he was free-lance (and he will probably be free-lance for a while now too) had many benefits.
I've learned that you can lose a staff position. I've lived in fear of him losing his job and it has happened. It happened a few years ago and we survived. I feel like we will again.
My confidence probably stems from the fact that I am not sitting at home fretting. I'm working and loving it.
This, of course, does not mean that I wouldn't gladly accept your support/prayers/thoughts while we weather this storm.
But this time I'm not sitting wringing my hands and crying.

I do so appreciate my community here.
It wasn't easy to form my thoughts and post them.
And, as always,
I thank you...

all 331 of you who clicked over here to see what I was up to yesterday.



My prayers swim and fly right at you.

And you are right: your job is such a blessing on so many levels. I feel exactly the same way! Picking up Jen's book for the weekend.
hilary said…
My thoughts are with you....I truly believe that everything works out in the end, and that everything happens for a reason. I am sure that K will find something that is perfect for him! I read Jen's book last week, and I thinking of doing a re-read this weekend. I love to read her books twice (you always miss something the first time)! I was so looking forward to her NY signing this week, but since I pulled my back out on Monday, couldn't go.
The Tutugirl said…
I know y'all will work this out, whatever that means for K on the job front. You're a strong, resilient family, and you all seem to pull together so well when something happens.

...and I don't remember you cursing once when I met you in Chicago. Congratulations on your book appearance!
RW said…
Good thoughts and prayers are on their way.

I too, believe everything happens for a purpose. And we learn from how we respond to the challenges and obstacles placed before us.

Wishing you a lovely weekend.
Fannie said…
We’ve been waiting for this particular axe to fall. Should it happen I hope I handle it with your grace and courage. Prayers and good thoughts to one and all.
I feel like everything that happens to us prepares us for what is to come. K's previous job loss and your great job have prepared you for this. You'll be OK.

Any chance of some financial aid/grants for Middle's tuition next year?
Keetha said…
I'm sorry to hear this and I must say that your take on it, your attitude, is applause-worthy. Something to emulate.

I'll send prayers and well-wishes out to your family.
Laura Jane said…
ahh, bummer.

I'm sad for you all, but glad to hear you're feeling philosophical about it.

Your soiree sounds like Fun!
Paola said…
Well NOW I feel like a big fat fool. Me and my big mouth at teh WRONG moment. So here's to you my strong friend, we are all here supporting you in each and every way we can because you deserve nothing less than that.
And re your trip to Londontown? It sounds divine, meeting Alice is on the top of my list, if ever.
Finger crossed, prayers in the air and a smooch.
Jess said…
Pffft. Is THAT all?

(Kidding. I know the drop-in-the-stomach feeling of sudden unemployment.)

As I also know the strength of realizing that you WILL make it, no matter what.

As you WILL.

xo Jess
Jen on the Edge said…
I am so sorry about K's job and am sending lots of good thoughts your way.

I know how hard this is, because my husband lost his job once, when we had two little ones and I was not working at the time. It was, to say the least, stressful.

Hang in there. Take care of yourself!
That One said…
Sending good thoughts to Tuvalu!
Anonymous said…
My grandma told me when I wasn't re-hired for a teaching job that "doors close, windows open" and I landed in a MUCH better spot.
I'm glad you had the treat of that book reading--and you have YOUR JOB! So yay for that!
I'm sure K's window will open to something pretty awesome--from all reports here he sounds like a hot commodity.
Amy A. said…
The Coffee Lady said…
Well, you can have my support/ prayers/ thoughts without question.

We can survive all kinds of crap, you know.
Poppy B. said…
OMG I get sick and spend a lot of time zoning in front of DVDs and ignoring the internet and what happens? The world goes to shit!

Give K a big hug from me and then have him give you an even bigger one from me.

Smooches and positive thoughts to both of you. You'll be fine, I just know it--but I feel for you.
robiewankenobie said…
well, fuck (and yes, i am typing this from the church, damnit, but it seems like a well, fuck it moment). i'll certainly be praying for you and such.

i dunno, from my internets experience, mrk sounds like he has mad mad skillz. so keep on keepin' on, chica. this too shall pass.
alice c said…
Sending you calming karma and lucky feathers from la famille M.

And the promise that on the red-letter day you turn up in London I am taking you out even if I can't promise burgers in brown paper.
Lover Lady said…
I am SO jealous that you are friends with JL. And had her to your house. And had wine with her. I would so SWF her. I wanted to go see her in the ATL last year and NO ONE would go with me. No one knew her. My friends are sad, yes.

And I am SO sorry to hear about your hubs. As you know, I've been there, done that. All last year. Remember, everything will be okay in the end. If it's not okay, it's not the end. :)
Crazy Mom! said…
Ouch. I've been laid off, and more than once - and it IS a kick in the teeth. Damn. I'm so sorry about K's job.

Many times some unexpected good comes of this...
Pablo (yo) said…
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Eleanor said…
Sending our love to the extraordinary Blackbird family!!

Family Commentbox xxxx
eurolush said…
All the best to you and K. Thinking of you.
Anonymous said…
Sending love and good thoughts for better stuff around the corner for K. I have tremendous faith in your wonderful family, bb. Good things come to good people. As we like to say here in Canada, I BELIEVE.

Duyvken said…
Wishing you well from over here.
Uncertainty is tough. I hope it passes quickly.
Badger said…
Speaking as one of your psychic friends ... I did not see that coming, with K. Which I can only take to mean this is a VERY minor blip and Everything Is Going To Be Okay. Better than okay, maybe even!

But yes, good thoughts, etc. GOES WITHOUT SAYING.
Unknown said…
Thinking the good thoughts for K's future employment and am mightily impressed with the confidence and calm strength your job has given you.

Yes, this, too, shall pass, and I'm betting it will pass relatively quickly, as K is a man of tremendous talents. You know you will survive, which is more than half the battle, right there.

I agree with the many others who voiced the sentiment that this will probably lead to something even better. Here's hoping!
MsCellania said…
Sorry about K's job disappearing. You are sounding very grown up about it. Again. Much more relaxed about it, too. But it still stinks. so support/prayers/thoughts to you.
Anonymous said…
I think you are right. Sometimes stuff like this happens and it feels like it might be a bad thing, but everything always works out in the end and then you wonder why you worried. My sister sent me a really interesting article about positive thought. It said in order to live a happy life we should stop thinking about events as positve or negative. Just think of them as events in a life.

This event will lead to another event then another later on. It all becomes part of the narrative of your life.

I find your narrative to be rich and wonderful.
Anonymous said…
Ha ha, how could we not resist peeking in on you to see if you were okay. So you're maybe not all the way okay, but what a comeback post! Thanks for sharing your tale, and of course I am sending many positive thoughts to you and yours.

I thought I was the only one who often cannot muster the energy to wash out that final pan or pot. Phew. Glad it's not just me. xo

Ree said…
1. When I read My Fair Lazy, I had to show Mr. Hot every single reference to you all - and dance around the kitchen singing, "My friends are in this book." Please don't think me presumptuous for saying so.

2. K's job? I'm so sorry to hear that. But things really will work out for the best. And though the old, "been there, done that" sucks...yes, I have and yes, he'll be just fine.

Elan Morgan said…
The Palinode was also laid off recently, and I, like you, have not lost sleep over it. Life will move on. He will find more work.

Still, I hope you and K stay calm and positive. The economy needs a kick in the pants.
Ali said…
I'm late to hear, but sorry all the same. We've done the redundancy dance recently too - it's not a lot of fun, but hopefully will end well.
Caterina said…
I'm sorry about the job loss. It sucks. I can say that because I am there, in the same (but different pair) shoes.

I try really hard to focus on the 'healthy and happy' part. Because that's everything, isn't it?