drink positive

Very Christopher Walken/Fat Boy Slim, eh?


Lover Lady said…
Awesome commercial. Is this Asian? They have the best commercials.

And Hugh Jackman is smokin' hot.
Paola said…
I like the music a lot.
Jackman, not so much.
Look at Mr. Walken's moves though.
Anonymous said…
What FUN. It's my dream in life for every day living to spontaneously burst into song and dance like that.

Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said…
wow... that really was just the fat boy slim music video with more people.

The Coffee Lady said…
Hmm. I'm not finding that attractive, somehow.
Priscilla said…
OOOO I like this very much! Also, Christopher Walken is the bomb as EVERYONE knows.

I met him once, Christopher Walken that is. I asked him to dance with me, he wouldn't but he did a little two step much to the delight of us chickies.