We are seasoned.

We are tired and sore and were filthy.


We worked hard.


Oldest has his own methods.


He found a bag of baby shoes amidst all that food. This discovery made him very sad. We quickly distracted him with workworkwork.


I hadn't seen a can like this in a long time!


Since 1996, I guess. No good. Expired items (14 year-old expired items) cannot be donated!


Middle's favorite food of the evening. He likes pictures of moose(es).


We worked with a lovely quiet lady who packed along with us (we pack fast!) and was shy about asking the boys to help her lift bins.


It's the hardest work we do as a family.
We packed more than a dozen skids.
Each skid holds 24 bins.
We went for ice cream on the way home at 10:30 - flush with pride.


Mrs Woog said…
You guys are as cool as the ice-cream you ate on the way home. xo
I love that you do this every year.

My Dad taught me that the plural of moose was meeses.
Anonymous said…
Cat said…
The world needs more people like y'all! Way to go!

I am a bit confused about the bag of baby shoes. Why did this make him sad? Weren't they being donated? And wouldn't that be a good thing? Sorry, maybe I'm slow :P
RW said…
Was that your hand holding the evaporated milk?
Paola said…
Way to do donations with a 14 yr expired evaporated milk!!! How LAME.
And thank GOD you noticed it.
It's so nice that you and the boys engage in this heavy duty job each year. Together for others.
I'd be proud too.
Anonymous said…
You are raising good men.
Anonymous said…
Good for you all. Very inspiring.

Scot said…
My first reaction was - straws? Who the hell donates straws? Then I remembered I once donated foil and dishtowels, along with a bunch of dry goods. Sometimes those buy 2 get a third free mean its time to call Care & Share(the food bank here)
It's always nice to here about Oldest. I wonder if his immediate sadness underscores something he's worried about. Unfortunately, needy people often have wee ones too.
I think the world of you and the boys for doing this. See, you ARE great role models!
Lover Lady said…
Thanks for being a volunteer. Having worked for many years in the non-profit field, and being a volunteer myself, I can say there is nothing more important or rewarding.