10 lesser notes from work

Monday proved to be less than stellar.
I have several excuses.

1. K and I arrived at the station, on the scooter, when he realized he had left his train ticket at home.

2. I spent a good 40 minutes looking on my computer for the resume of the woman seeing my boss at 2:00. It turned out to have been MAILED to me. In PAPER form. Imagine? Of course it was in my Pending folder. The one MADE OF PAPER. Sitting ON MY DESK.

3. The 3:00 person stood up my boss. Didn't show. The NERVE.

4. I spent a good 40 minutes looking for a package that was sent to my boss at 4:00 last Wednesday. Where was *I* at 4:00 last Wednesday? See the entry regarding the deceased dog.

5. If you'd like to send a package to my boss, by messenger, at 4:00 on a Wednesday - or ANY day, it's much more effective if you address the package to HIM and not YOURSELF. Just sayin.

6. Cheap shoes are, sometimes, just that...and my adorable Jeffrey Campbell shoes, which people compliment me on LEFT AND RIGHT, have a horrible seam inside them that vexes me.

7. I have many choices of printers to print things on in my office (does that make sense?). Yesterday I sent a document to Printer EDJ4 as the printer near my office was jammed. THERE IS NO PRINTER EDJ4. I have no idea where the document went.

8. Whilst loitering around the copier that DID work I spied a contract and dutifully returned it to the Contract Department. Except the lady copying the contract had just stepped away for a MOMENT and returned when I did to find her contract GONE. That was good of me, wasn't it?

9. The guy who sent the package at 4:00 on Wednesday? I told him my DOG HAD DIED. Not to be outdone, he spent some time telling me about his 16 year-old Westie. Really, I only wanted more information about what time the package was signed for to help determine where it was.

10. Then I went home and watched House. Which was sad but hopeful. Which we watched because it was shot with a Canon 5D MarkII. Really.


Paola said…
Is there anything WORSE than shoes that hurt you? NO.

Fabio is ALL about the 5DMII, as you are fully aware.
Lover Lady said…
My Monday was less than stellar, too. I empathize. Here's hoping the week gets better...it can only go up, right??
KPB said…
Can you tape over the seam with some medical tape of some sort?

I'll take the 3pm slot. I have no idea what the job was/is but I am highly personable, smart and learn quickly. Would the company be willing to pay the relocation costs for a family of 6?

People tell me about their pets and I totally forget to listen. Almost as badly as I do when they start talking about the dream they had last night - speaking of which, on the last night in hospital which I spent 'sleeping' on the yoga mat I had a dream which involved me in some girl-on-girl action and even had one of those happening which of course made me wake-up instantly to ensure I was not making highly inappropriate noises while also going FOR REAL? REALLY? BRAIN? You're going to do that? When we're here? HOLY CRAP.

Sorry, where was I?
Anonymous said…
I have recently used the same printer as you! Somewhere in this world is a printer that prints out all those things we send out into the ether, but never see again.
blackbird said…
Paola - the shoes have been taped, lined with moleskin and bandaids and nothing works - it's a princess and the pea situation!

Kim - each day you endear yourself more to me. And freak me out. A little.

PP - That printer NEVER runs out of toner.
Anonymous said…
It's like the grown up version of "Alexander and the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day."
Amy A. said…
Your lesser notes are great. Mine are... Filing. Sipped Coffee. Yawned.

Your lesser days still have such flair! :)

Kim! Thanks for the laugh.
elizabeth said…
sigh. can you believe this reminds me of work (am currently inbetweenthings; taking French) and makes me miss it. something wrong here :)
Crazy Mom! said…
I hate the Less Than Stellar days. You just end up being frustrated. All. Day. Long.

Bad shoes? I can't tolerate them. Off.
Anonymous said…
Sheesh, what a day. Your Monday sounds like my Tuesday. Only my Tuesday was worse. : (

Jen said…
I checked my printer, but your document's not here. Sorry!
Caterina said…
The printing thing? I do that ALL. THE. TIME.

Ugh :P