works in progress

We may have bitten off more than we can chew this weekend.

Our room is still littered with pilesandpilesandpiles of paper which were sorted for the accountant.

The dog was sick all over the living room and the carpet had to be cleaned.

K has taken down the outside wall of his office to attempt, once again, to waterproof it.

We are painting the dining room, hallway and kitchen ceiling.

The dining room table is in the living room, the dining room has been dismantled and put away, the walls have been scrubbed - as has the carpet. K has fixed all the chipped plaster and we are ready to prime.
Do you know how much I hate priming?

In the meantime: no trip to London for my boss as the Great Ash Cloud shows no signs of improving.


I am exhausted just reading about it. Hope there is plenty of wine uncorked.
Duyvken said…
I thought of you this weekend. I think your parcours loving boys should watch District 13 if they haven't seen it already. It's not going to win any awards but we enjoyed it!
RW said…
Funny how the weekend gets filled up with projects. We are fighting illness here and Monday is the day to do the taxes. And because I am the SUPREME procrastinator .... I don't have alot of options.
Anonymous said…
Oh my goodness. That IS a lot. Poor dog. (Or is it Damn dog?) And yes, priming sucks.

I think it's good that your boss didn't go to London. Whatever it is can wait.

Poppy B. said…
Holy moly, sounds like hell. Hope the weather is nice so you can reward yourselves with a couple of glasses of wine on the patio.
alice c said…
If your boss came to London there is a good chance he would not be able to get back on schedule. You made the right call.

On the bright side, my Head of Department is stuck in Washington. Could be a quiet week.
Lover Lady said…
Oy. I feel your pain. When we remodeled we painted EVERY inch of our house including all the moulding and doors. I said I would not paint again for at least 10 years.
Jennifer said…
It feels never ending when it's like that doesn't it!
Caterina said…
Wha...? Wow.

If I was close by, I would be there with brush in hand...even though I would be clueless at priming :)
Paola said…
You are restless.
Just so you know the ash cloud is heading towards us too. They have shut down all the northern Itlay airports already. Positano is full of people stuck here.
Everyone is smiling though (in spite of the rain which, frankly, ENOUGH!)
Alice, my brother currenlty lives in Washington. Funny uh?
Ali said…
If it is at all possible to avoid airports at the moment, I think that's the right choice. There's not much that can't be rescheduled. Though I'm sure the folks at the London Book Fair are none too happy.
Anonymous said…
Think of how it will look when it's done, though!