when what to mine wondering eyes did appear...

I tell you: I adore the aesthetic of Need Supply. It is not my lifestyle but I luff it.
Jeffrey Campbell shoes are, simply, The Shit (as they say). Inexpensive, terribly fashion-y, and I can, whilst squinting, see myself in these AND hear my grandmother (long gone) praising me for them. They are what my mother would call Orthopedic Shoes.

On the Accessories pages I find myself drawn to many items. And, in truth, these are the only things, beyond the shoes, which I could purchase as I am not 26. Ahem.
This necklace is pretty and should be renamed The Headlights Are On. It troubles me that her bra straps are showing but her smirk belies the irony of the whole shebang, don't you think?
I like this too, even though I feel like I can't SEE it very well.
My fingernails are Haze right this very minute! My toes are Toast. (It may surprise you to learn that it took me years to find my hue preferences for polish, when I do wear it. Or maybe you aren't surprised at all. I'm not great with lipstick either.)

All the shots are cropped. No faces. The list of brands is sublime
Of course, some items are just a little silly.
And, clearly, we need (more) ink.
Nonetheless, nice browsing.


KPB said…
OMG - you've corrupted me. I actually liked some of those shoes. (I am SURE you tried to convince us all that the zip wedge was on the cards a few seasons back - http://needsupply.com/womens/brands/jeffrey-campbell/99-zip-wedge.html)

VW - colon. Seems appropriate.
KPB said…
And I can't believe you have the energy to wear different polish on your nails to your toes. That's kinda impressive. And intimidating.
KPB said…
OMG - just clicked on one of your links to see you linking to the zip wedge. Hah!

And I've just had a quick browse - they seem to sell a lot of hooker dressers. I'm you know, just saying.
Poppy B. said…
Ooh, great site! I could see you in any of those shoes. The only thing they don't have is a soft taupe suede flat sandal with a high vamp or ankle wrap or some such.

I'm patting myself on the back about the nail polish, you know.
Anonymous said…
Hm. Yep, I do NOT like any of this. Not in a box. Not with a fox. Not in a hole. Not in a bowl. Not in the dark. Not in a park.
Anonymous said…
NOT ONE THING is available in your size.

Just saying.

Paola said…
Hi K! I like to find you here every now and then.
So this store? Not really for me.
I wa sintrigues by the varnishes though, new colours I've never seen adn you know I always look for new different colours. Hmmm ...
Anonymous said…
They say doing crosswords and other challenging puzzles can keep you young. I say that keeping up with bb's fantastic taste might have the same effect. You find such fun things.

Duyvken said…
Fun links.
This one takes me back,
Your grandmother was a wise woman :-)