textile lust

I work with a couple of women who are avid quilters.
On Thursday, G brought me to her office to see her amazing work. Tiny TINY diamonds of fabric with special paper backing (Wendy will know what I'm talking about) and unbelievable colors and patterns. I was awed by her very fine needlework - all done by hand.
On Friday I spied a little pile of beautiful swatches in another lady's office.
I'm good friends with a couple of blog quilters too - and we have some beautiful commercially made quilts at my house from the boys beds.

I'm always gazing, lovingly, at textiles...

Denyse Schmidt

Denyse Schmidt

Denyse Schmidt

Denyse Schmidt. Beautiful.

Swan's Island

Swan's Island

Swan's Island

Blankets, and a wrap, from Swan's Island.

Pip Squeak collection

A linen bed sheet from Pip Squeak. (I'm sighing.)

French linens

Some French linen perhaps?


Or, the ultimate: Italian Linen.

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Italian waffle weave

I love them all.


Anonymous said…
Any fabric lover is a friend of mine! You have outstanding taste in textiles.
Crazy Mom! said…
Of late I am on the hunt for some antique linens to embellish my guest room. Doilies and such, you know. Or I may break down and tat some.

I love fine work...
Anonymous said…
You hit a nerve ... I adore quilts but they're very hard to find here, good ones I mean and nobody quilts that I know. We have very good linen though, I must admit.
Just so you all know, my laptop crashed.
And I don't have K to help me so I had to hand it to someone who will MAYBE look at it tomorrow.
What about my work?
I am free, albeit feeling totally useless and empty and impotent.
But I can still read blogs!!!
(from Fabio's laptop, HE HE HE)
Burgh Baby said…
You and me both. I have sooo much unused fabric lying around. It all has a project sort of assigned to it, but I love fabric so much that I will buy it, even when I know I won't have time to transform it.
robiewankenobie said…
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robiewankenobie said…
i love textiles of all kinds. you should see the antiques that reside at my mother's house. the delicate tatting and hand knits are swoon inducing. plus she's a weaver, so there are always lots of goodies.

the more subtle quilts that i've done are my favorites. i'm going to be moving from the machine quilting to quilting by hand, and i'm terribly excited.

my favorite piece of all time is the irish cable spread that my grandmother made me. it must have taken absolute eons. i can't find anything online, i'll have to take a pic.
Caterina said…
I could just HUG you! {{{{HUG}}}}
I loved this post. Thank you for the links.

I don't think my home (or my lifestyle for that matter) is fit for this kinda stuff, but I am still IN LOVE with it :)
Jan said…
The secret is out...we're everywhere!!
jordi said…
I wonder what this linen lust is all about? I have it too and have to stop myself or I would own it all. I just bought a bunch of Kaffe Fassett fat quarters I think so that I could look at them up close and personal. There are some lovely links in this post. sigh....
Wendy said…
I'm beyond lust. I have a full on affair going with fabric.
Duyvken said…
That Swan Island equinox blanket is just stunning. I clicked through the link, found it on the site and then noticed the price.
If I start saving now I should be able to buy one in 3 or 4 years time.
It's on!
chickie said…
All the best people have a material obsession! That Italian linen makes me weep with desire and longing.
skipska said…
And Denyse is a lovely woman - a friend worked for her for a while and I had the pleasure of meeting her. And it's great she's part of the movement to revitalize Bridgeport.
Come shop in my art room for textiles.

I found a woman online who sells antique linen she finds in antique European vilalges in the antique attics of antique European women made on antique looms with thread spun by Cleopatra and Josephine.

Or something like that.