ten things

Inspired by Kim. Largely lifted from Kim.

  1. When I was born I was covered with long black hair. I looked like a baby monkey, my mother says, and I was used in the How To Bathe Your New Baby class.
  2. We lived in Minnesota where my mother learned to drive on a frozen lake.
  3. I would love to live in Australia, near the ocean.
  4. I would love to live in any little seaside village.
  5. I regularly daydream about packing up the family and moving to the city.
  6. I am fairly convinced that each of my boys will be some kind of artist.
  7. I get ridiculously worried. Not all the time, but I can make myself sick with it.
  8. I have a friend from university who was ridiculous. I walked away from her and, a few years ago her mother phoned our house to see if I lived here.
  9. I have a very skewed mental image of my body.
  10. I absolutely love being mum to three boys. I cannot fully express how fortunate I feel.


i love your ten things. thank you :)
KPB said…
There's a couple of houses in our street for sale at the moment.

Just saying.

And I love your ten things too.
Anonymous said…
All good people have lived in MN (or WI) at some point. And that's all I have to say about that.
Duyvken said…
#9 - so true.
Me too, is it changeable? I doubt it.
RW said…
the worry thing... I have that too - my daughter is worrier... do your boys worry.... now that I see how much it impacts her life I have been awakened to try and address the tendency in my own life. do you think it is genetic?

I have decided that I would love to live by the sea too.
Suse said…
I can't even begin to imagine learning to drive on a frozen lake.

That is quite something.