Russell, Rupert, Pavarti. That girl with the dark hair.
I don't know. My brother says I'm missing the best season ever.
I do think Pavarti's playing two idols last week was a stroke of brilliance - and we've certainly never seen anything like it.
After Tribal Rupert seems pretty defeated. Russell asks around to get the details. He confronts Pavarti about lying. He's not in control, which I like.
Pavarti is pretty pleased with herself.
Rupert's working another angle. He hope that Sandra will side with him again.

I feel so inadequate watching the ads for garden supplies at this time of year. Our backyard is a wasteland.
Did you know that Hyundais have better quality paint than Mercedes? I didn't and I believe everything they say in commercials (right K?).
K is working this weekend.
Did you know that a commercial for another network show always precedes the return to the network show one is watching?

Russell chats with Candice about voting Sandra out. Then he talks to the others about voting Candice out. But, first, there's a challenge.

It's a shuffleboard game, with three teams. The winning team will go to Robert Lewis Stevenson's home and watch Treasure Island and spend the night there.
It's a slow game but Rupert does pretty well. So does Russell.
Colby shoots last and wins for his team in a very fine play. He and Amanda and Danielle get the reward.

At the reward, the winners are given a tour of the house. They watch the movie snuggled up on a bed but Amanda is completely distracted by wanting the clue for the idol. But Danielle has already found it and there's a bit of a girl fight. Colby says he didn't see what happened and, eventually, Amanda gives the clue back to her.

There's a rain storm on the island the next morning when the winners return. They try to play down the reward but no one is buying it. Danielle tells Pavarti, Jerri and Russell about finding the clue. She reads it to them and Russell finds the idol immediately and hides it from Danielle.
She keeps looking, the rain keeps pouring.
Russell tells Candice he has it and shows it to her to prove she can trust him.
Stick with me, I can take you places, he tells her.

Sandra thinks now is the time to make her move. She talks to Colby. Colby thinks Danielle has the idol. Who should they take out? Russell? Pavarti?
Russell tries to talk to Sandra. He tells her he trusts her - but Sandra is going to flip as it's her only chance to survive. She speaks to Rupert and they will vote for Russell.
Everyone is talking.
Colby says it's time to vote Russell.
The Heroes need immunity.

And it's time for the challenge.
150 wooden tiles must be used to build a house of cards ten feet tall.
It's hard!
Tiles keep falling over.
Jerri does well, as does Russell.
They are neck and neck at eight feet.
Jerri is just ahead...Russell catches up...Russell runs out of tiles...Jerri wins by SECONDS.
30 days down - her first immunity ever.
Sandra says she's taking Russell down.

Jerri is elated. Russell says he's fine with it. He says that Amanda has to go. He tells Candice.
But Candice hears everyone talking about voting Russell out. Will she tell him? She did!
Russell confronts Sandra and Sandra says Amanda is going home.
But is Candice flipping?
Will Russell go home?
Colby says Pavarti is going home.
Is Pavarti the way to go?
It's making me anxious.
Sandra to Candice: TELL ME WHO YOU WANT OUT.

At Tribal, I don't want to hear a bunch of chat. I want the vote.
Will someone flip?
Will the idol be played?
Russell tells the camera he's playing the idol.
They all vote.
Russell plays the idol damn it.
Amanda gets votes, Pavarti gets votes...Amanda gets more...Amanda goes.

Feeling a little frustrated.


Paola said…
It's Friday.
blackbird said…
What a week.
Anonymous said…
So many things to say about Survivor and your observations that I don't know where to start. But I will say three things. That I don't necessarily think it's the best season EVER. That we DVR it, and race through the commercials, so by the predictability of the ads, I always know when to re-hit Play. And that I am so so so so glad that Amanda was voted out.


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