I seem to have missed the window of opportunity for taking the medication for my cold sore and am in a great deal of pain today.
Fortunately, I have a refill. If I knew how to make the word "refill" sparkle in gold and have little fireworks behind it I would.
I'm pretty miserable.

K is doing yard work. Oldest has been working as a painter for a couple of weeks, Youngest is signing up for summer class at A Different Art School and Middle...Middle's life is the MOST exciting.
Middle has convinced the staff of his Art School that Freshman Projects should be very different. Middle and three of his friends have hired actors (which is not especially unusual at Art School) and written a lengthy script and are shooting for days on end (in a distant city) and are producing a much larger film than what is required from freshman. (I'm sorry if I've already given you the backstory on this.) Not only have they undertaken this huge responsibility (and I do wonder if the university awaits their failure) but they have been shooting behind-the-scenes film of all of it which they post on the internet. Even this amazes me. For some aspects of the filming these boys have been lucky enough to call in favors of equipment and rides (I was in town at 10:00 last night picking up Middle and a huge case of equipment) and the kindness of one of the families who are allowing shooting, at night, at their house. Their ingenuity and enthusiasm continually impress me and I have no real gauge as I have been surrounded by this kind of activity for so long, but I believe their level of skill is very close to professional.


Me? Just swallowed two horse pills. Am headed out to the garden to approve plant design. Need to stop at Old Navy. Am having Jerk Chicken for dinner.

See ya.


unmitigated me said…
The magic "V" will still help to shorten the duration of the sore. I know this from experience. But, you are right, the best time to take it is at that first itchy, tingle. I have been using it to stave off outbreaks for about 5 years now. The more it gets in your system, the fewer those outbreaks seem to be. SPF, baby!
Anonymous said…
I'm so sorry about the missed window of opportunity. It really is quite short, only a few hours.

I love Middle. All that talent and creativity wrapped up in a fun kid/young man.
Paola said…
I can't stop thinking about the day when middle will be famous and we'll all be blabbing here and there that we "know" him ...
Hope K got approval for the design, eh?
Badger said…
I totally saw this happening with Middle (you know, all psychic-like). He will NOT fail, oh no. Just the opposite.

Wish I could tell you when that cold sore will get better, but I can't see a dang thing there. Stupid superpowers, only working when they want to. (But I will send a little healing energy your way, m'kay?)
Anonymous said…
Middle is big enough for the world. I wonder if the world is big enough for Middle.
Unknown said…
I am full of cold sore sympathy, I haven't had one for a few years, touch wood, but I remember so well.

And as for Middle, I am full of awe.