I put my Uggs away today.
I was a little sad about it - they are so cozy and I have no Spring/Summer equivalent.
I was pulling them on at the end of the day and wearing them in the mornings. I don't generally like slippers so I'm at a loss. (Note to me: try the Birkenstocks.)
I put away all the cozy things and was happy to re-discover some clothes I had forgotten about and, of course, was instantly disappointed with at least a dozen dingy items. DINGY!
Tomorrow I'll soak them and see if they can be revitalized and I'll order a couple of swim suits for me and Youngest (our suits don't fit us!) and a couple of camis.

It's very warm here now - I didn't wear a coat to work on Friday...AND on Thursday I had a heck of a day and then rushed for the train ANNNNNNNDDDD got on the wrong one. I didn't realize until I was well past the point of no return and had to have K rescue me from a foreign station!

Tomorrow we are going to have some ham with K's family which will be a nice treat as we haven't seen them in a while.


Jen on the Edge said…
Happy Easter!
Crazy Mom! said…
Happy Easter! Enjoy your family!
Paola said…
mmmmh ... ham!
Anonymous said…
You're putting your boots away, and I just bought some yesterday. Fryes! Heath, outside zip, Maple. I'm wearing them to bed. Forever.

I put all my boots away yesterday, but today I think I could pull the Uggs back out.

Happy Easter to the Birds!
Anonymous said…
I was so happy to put my boots away that I may have done a little jig.
Caterina said…
Maybe Crocs could be your Spring Uggs? I'm not a fan, but my oldest son LOVES his crocs.