some television commentary

1. Sheesh. Those Real Housewives Of New York City are difficult to watch. Stressful. How am I supposed to fold laundry without having an anxiety attack?

2. I'm really surprised that things aren't going well on that Jaimie Oliver show. I would have thought that the people of West Virginia would embrace him - and I would have been wrong. His speech gets to me after a while but his sincerity is impressive.

3. Youngest and I have been watching House together of late which has made for some hilarious comments at recent doctor visits.

4. There is not one single show I like on Food Network.

5. I'm still watching Survivor (observing it is more accurate) but I'm not hooked. I look forward to being hooked again in the future.

6. And, speaking of reality television:

we are TOTALLY hooked on Jen discussing reality television. Reality television AND her new book about reality television, which we may have to read TOGETHER.


KPB said…
1. Absolutely. I watched two episodes and was so stressed about it - about them, that such people actually exist - that I had to look away.

2. Jaimie's formula - ruffle feathers, scare the bejesus out of you, offer hope, charm offensive. It works every time. I luff him.

3. Can't watch House. Makes my neck itch. Although I have interviewed the Australian actor on that show when he was a wee lad on Neighbours. He is remarkably intelligent and talented (you know, one of those guys who can teach themselves how to play an instrument and becomes highly proficient at said instrument).

4. We ditched our pay tv in February. Have not missed it. At all. I am the most surprised at this result.

5. Haven't watched since the second series.

6. OH My, Jen Lancaster. I have a total and complete girl crush. This was only cemented by the fact she does NOT watch The Kardashians.

Carry on.
Anonymous said…
Jamie Oliver, hated him until I saw his TED talk. there is a sharp, engaging man there. I respect just about anyone who is willing to use their fame to change the world.

Anonymous said…
I'm always careful about whether to read your survivor posts because I love it and we are a bit behind you. Last week Boston Rob was voted out leaving Russell behind. I don't know if I have the heart to continue on with the series now.
Paola said…
The only thing I can comment here is Jamie Oliver which we also get over here (a year later maybe?).
I also wanted to mention reality tv which I don't like at all with the only exception of DWTS since I love dancing and especially that type of dancing (Fabio hates it or we woudl be going for lessons).
What I hate is Jersey Shore. I have only read about it online as we obviouly son't have it here (althoguh they might air it!) and to think that Italians are associated to THAT, is offensive for me as an Italian. We are NOTHIGN like that. I have to say that over the years I have learned that Italians are categorized pretty badly in the USA.
Sorry, I wanted to take that off my chest! LONG commet ...
Jen Lancaster Book Club?

Jamie Oliver needs to come to Orlando. I have never seen so many OBESE little children in my life. It's sad.
Anonymous said…
Sadly, Jamie Oliver's show is portraying us in a pretty bad life.
Now, that book coming SOON to a bookstore near ME--I also cannot wait. Nor can my entire book club.