Have some Wes Anderson:

I read something about Wes Anderson. Something about how he always uses the same font and how he has swimming in every movie and always has women smoking cigarettes. I can't find where I read it but I appreciate it. That clip ended abruptly didn't it? There's a set at Middle's school that was built by one of the Art Directors from Darjeeling Limited.

I think I should be shot in slow motion. It's very flattering. Trunks, it would seem, figure heavily in Wes Anderson films.

She smokes.

I love the Wes Anderson American Express commercial too - but this one is my favorite:

Turns out there's a small war being waged in the comments of the Seinfeld AmEx commercial on You Tube - who knew?

Which leads me, somehow, to

I told you it was random.


KPB said…
Seinfeld is basically my favourite TV show of all time. Although I think 30 Rock may be giving that mantle a red hot go, although I'm not sure I could watch and re-watch the episodes with the same delight as I do Seinfeld.

And Wes Anderson movies? ADORE. ADORE. ADORE.
Anonymous said…
sweet fancy moses!
RW said…
thank you.
Unknown said…
Perfect way to start my otherwise lackadaisical, humdrum Monday...

with WV "rousn" no less!
tut-tut said…
Rushmore! We love us some Rushmore!
Mary said…
"sweet fancy moses" may replace "oh my giddy aunt" for me!