office space

I'm working on a post for my intraweb office blog and took a bunch of pictures of things we may see every day but don't always notice...

AT AT feet

I knew, the minute I saw these cardboard things on the floor of the office around the corner from mine, that these were AT-AT feet. It was a simple deduction: the guy's a Star Wars geek, I KNOW my Star Wars stuff and I live with a bunch of Star Wars geeks.
He confirmed it later in the morning and even got up from his desk and put his hands and feet in position to demonstrate for me.

huge duffel

Sometimes we ship mascot costumes. One could be walking down the hall and pass a tremendous elephant head, for example. Or a giant mouse costume might be sitting in a great huge duffel bag in the mail room awaiting delivery.

fur thing

One of the Art Directors likes to pull pranks on people. I haven't actually touched this item, which appears to be something made of fur, but I've seen it in odd locations and know C has left it to frighten unsuspecting co-workers.

Darth Tater

Darth Tater peers into an office. The only way to see him is to sit at the desk of one of the IT guys.

take-out window

Across the floor from me, M and A's office has this open window at one end of it. No glass but venetian blinds. Why? We don't know.

name plate

Everyone has nameplates on their door/near their cubicle/desk - but D's nameplate is over the printer. She sits four feet to the right, FYI.


Signs like this are a common sight - and, as far as I can tell, they are obeyed.

&<span class=

Signs like this are not uncommon either.

gigantic books

What ARE these gigantic books? I have no idea. I suspect that the pages that are flagged have important signatures. And I think I know what department they came from.

small city

T has a Muji city on her desk. It gets rearranged frequently, depending on who sits and works with her. This particular configuration is mine.

valve and chain

Above our heads, in the front hallway, is this industrial sized chain and wheel and valve system. My guess is that it is part of the sprinkler system, but who knows?


Just before the Ladies Room is this six-foot wide photo of Chicago. It makes me happy even though I can't see Poppy's house in it.


There are two plastic containers of these handles in the Design Area. I've been with the company for a year and a half and I have never seen anyone use one of these handles. Their presence is a mystery.


J's office is comfortable. She has a pretty little rug and an intricately patterned throw hanging from her bookcase. She's got beads hanging on her doorknob too...and has a wonderful wool cardi she loans out when I'm feeling cold.


alice c said…
I love this post ... but I feel sad for you that you don't have an office with a skull of a cave bear.
Poppy B. said…
That photograph of Chicago is looking west over the Chicago river. I can see a couple of my favorite art deco skyscrapers, including one that used to be the Jeweler's Building.

The Jeweler's Building had a special elevator for automobiles so that salesmen carrying lots of gems wouldn't have to, you know, PARK, and CARRY THEIR BRIEFCASES and other activities engaged in by mere mortals.

So. You might not be able to see my house, but my heart is in that building, with its memories of millions of dollars worth of bling being driven in and out of it.
Such a fun post!
I did wonder about the big orange cowboy hat with the tiny head opening?
Darth Tater ROCKS!
Anonymous said…
Having only worked in offices full of accountants -- boring people, accountants -- I am stunned at the creativity that surrounds you. But why am I surprised? That is exactly the kind of environment in which I should expect to find you.
RW said…
I love that you work surrounded by books... I was so intrigued by the titles I spent many minutes trying to read the spines.
Hi Blackbird -

The furry thing, I believe, is a Tribble, from the "Trouble With Tribbles" - original Star Trek/Wm. Shatner TV series.

Paola said…
I had the same thought KmKat had: you're exactly where you should be.
Pablo (yo) said…
great blog!!!
If you like, come back and visit mine:

Pablo from Argentina
Anonymous said…
Again I wish I had Blackbird eyes to see all the strange and wonderful in my everyday...
I'd have totally guessed IT guys were in your office. They leave particular marks, don't they?
Caterina said…
For some reason, I thought you were in publishing. And with all the books I would say so....but maybe not (mascots?). Hmmm.

I loved this sneak peek.
Unknown said…
I love the glimpses into your world you give us. You have such a fine eye for detail and for composition & framing. It's no wonder Middle is in art school...

(WV is fangsfor, which sounds to me like a vampire's expression of appreciation)
Lifeofkaylen said…
I love this! What a great way of looking at things around you. I particularly love the nameplate above the copier!!
They just remodeled my office last year so there is nothing quirky worth noting. I do think it's a bit humerous that the operations department actually lines up tampons in each along the top of the t.p. holder in each of the womens bathrooms, so that you aren't bothered with havin to actually get one on your way in the stall. Our only quirk..nothing worth taking a photo of...