news! from Tuvalu!

K is so happy tonight. Van Helsing is on television.
Oh, good, he said, smirking.
I was folding laundry.

I took the day off and brought Youngest for his asthma treatment. He's doing very well thankyouverymuch. I had a sight anxiety attack as the baby in the room next to his had Bronchiolitis and was ten weeks old. I've done that. Not fun. I felt like Kim at the party, I did. I so much wanted to hug the mom and tell her that while THAT sick at THAT age is grim indeed, Youngest is a fine example of how 15 can be. I could feel all the exhaustion of hospital stays and sleepless nights just listening to her as she explained, on her cell phone to her husband, what was happening.

It's damned hot here. 94 F to be exact.
Just as Van Helsing was coming on I tried on some Old Navy swim suits for K to inspect. Crazy bright paisley. I am a small on the bottom and a medium on the top - whatever the hell that means. To my mind, there is nothing better than a $22 swim suit. K isn't convinced.

Middle feels, I think, not quite challenged enough by Art School and I am somewhat bereft. He is amid meetings with his advisor and department chair and I am hopeful but suspect that he is feeling the limitations of Freshman Year.
I hope.

As I was not at work today I was unable to see the blog post about ME. Actually, it's about me and another lady in the office and our style sense. It even has photos of us. Imagine? Perhaps I'll post the text of it here for you...I'll ask the writer for permission.

On more distant fronts I must tell you: MFAO Aunt is doing quite well. I talk to her every few days and, of late, she is reporting that her life is slowly returning to some sense of normal. Small things that one tends to take for granted have become little victories for her - and we rejoice! Today, she reported that she drove ALONE to see her doctor AND walked the long walk to retrieve the recycle bin AND brought it back up the long, steep, upHILL driveway. These small but important steps make me very very happy.

Yes, it was 90F today and I have a rather large fever blister on my upper lip. No. No idea what brought on, though I do have a pile of medication for it.
Anyway, as Kim would say: onward.


Caterina said…
The paragraph about Youngest and the ten week old made me count my blessings. I'm not sure I could be that strong. So glad to hear about your Aunt.
Paola said…
You remember how I have Tuvalu's weather report on my desktop?
(YES people, I am that devoted and in LOVE with Tuvalu. Stop laughing!)
So I kind of fell off my chair when I suddenly read 90°F AND sunny.
Yes, we are LUCKY for having healthy children. I should in fact stop worrying about the stupid flu which has bugging Brizio fo rthe past week and WON'T GO.
Must think how lucky we are.
Smiling for YFAOA.
Anonymous said…
Sick kids are scary, well, not the KIDS so much as the possibilities.
But your updates cheer me. Your temperatures floor me. A bright paisley swimsuit! Oh my!
Anonymous said…
Wondering why the heck it's so hot there. Weird. It's only April.

Please do post what they said about you.

Sending wishes for continued good health for your WHOLE family.