it's not all galas

We are nearly done painting our dining room. It's been a job, I'll tell you, and I'm not as young a painter as I used to be. Who is?!
There's one last corner that needs to be dealt with.
K is downstairs making Posole. I'm a little disappointed as the market didn't have any radishes (wtf?) to put on the top of it, but I'll live.

We spend our weekends doing The Big Shop and running errands and it's beginning to get to us a bit. Fortunately, Summer Fridays will begin in a month or so and that will help. (My office closes at 1:00 on Fridays in the summer and K gets to choose four(?) Fridays to take off.) I could use a trip to the beach.

It's been raining all day. Youngest just dropped off a huge pile of laundry and I am having a beverage crisis. My supermarket no longer carries neither the Earl Grey Snapple (which YES, HAS SOME SUGAR AND I DON'T CARE FOR SUGAR IN MY TEA) nor my Ito En tea. I may dehydrate. But WAIT: this just in! Amazon has my tea! Free Super Saver Shipping and only $1.83 per bottle.
I'm a happier woman.
Allergies, though.

I attended a clothing swap at work and came away with a pair of H&M jeans (too big for me), a deep blue short-sleeved button shirt and a matching shrunken cardi. I brought a couple of tops and a skirt and only one of the tops was taken. I think, and I don't mean to brag, that people think I have terrific stuff and were disappointed to see that, in reality, I have regular stuff that I mash up in terrific ways. A Gap tee shirt and Old Navy skirt are pretty boring until you add a scarf and cool shoes.

Ho hum.
It's taken me the whole day to work through this one post! And, also, to be truthful, I wrote a post for BlogHer as I was given an assignment. I love assignments. They've really changed the way BlogHer looks now and I do like it. HeatherB just did a piece on what to wear to the airport and I wish I had read it the last time I went away. I've got the layering thing down - I always wear a cardi and a big pashmina to wrap myself in for a nap or to guard myself from bad smells (true!) but I almost always get the shoes wrong.

What else can I tell you? It was a heck of a week what with the boss not being in London and the painting and all. I'm still tired and tomorrow it starts all over again.


Crazy Mom! said…
I want to see the painting! I'm about to show my finished bedroom.
tut-tut said…
what about travel wear for the car driver? I can't imagine getting on an aircraft at this point.
Anonymous said…
OMG, posole! #1 Son spent the better part of the year between college and med school as a volunteer teacher in Chiapas, Mexico, or, as he puts it, as a Volunteer In The Zapatista Army of Liberation. It was a very, very poor, very, very isolated rural area, and he ate pretty much just posole FOR MONTHS! But the posole he ate was most certainly not like what K is making. His was hominy soaked in water, period. No meat (he only ate meat once the whole time he was there, except for the few times he went into town), no seasoning, not even salt. He had me ship him a gigantic bottle of Lawry's seasoned salt so it would have some flavor. He calculated that he lost a pound every 64 hours for the first two months he was there.

And that's my posole story. Enjoy yours!
KPB said…
How cool is kmkat son's posole story.

I love that your office closes early on Fridays in summer. That, to me, says so much in terms of a good employer.

And my neck is still itching in sympathy for your up-turned house.

I've run out of plain flour and caster sugar in this house, which is basically like running out of salt and water. The shops are but four blocks away but do you think I can find the energy to go down there?
Paola said…
1. I had never heard of posole
2. What a story Kmkat had about it
3. Kim, love, you of all people CANNOT be without flour and sugar.
Off you go!
Anonymous said…
I am the same as you with airports and smells. But I don't accessorize as well. I think I'd be in awe of you.
Anonymous said…
I'd never thought to carry a pashmina to ward off smells---thanks for the tip!(I have had to use my lightly perfumed wrist to save my young olfactory-challenged son from gagging in a few public restrooms.)

And here in the South, hon, we keep a pitcher of tea in the fridge as soon as the temps are over 70F. (Right now it's decaf mint rooibos.)

I look forward to your beach adventures. Our shores suck.

The Coffee Lady said…
I do so wish I could see your mashed up outfits. Do you post to the Working Closet ever? (hopeful)
Priscilla said…
Ah Posole! This gringo learned to make posole from my sons girlfriends mother. It's the best posole I've ever eaten. There is a surprise ingredient. Maybe we could swap recipes! Although mine is intuative in its making. Maybe they all are.