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Lifted from the office blog (it's okay, A, right?)

I remember when I first began my lifelong obsession with style and fashion. I was seven and I started helping my mom pick out her work clothes. Weird, I know, but I always thought of it as a chance to play a part, be a different person, or, as cliché as it may sound, express oneself. My mom’s outfits were important to me (and her) because it made her look the part: her businesswoman persona was entirely affected by the things she wore. Since that time, I have cultivated my own personal style, sometimes in a way few people could understand.

So when I arrived at The Company, a place where creativity flourishes, I immediately knew I was at home. Here, everyone has their own sense of personal style, a style that reflects who they are or what they do or what they love. Personal style is just that, I’ve found. It’s personal. Everyone dresses for a reason. For some, it’s for function. For others, it’s form or design.

With that in mind, on this inaugural posting of one AG, I set about creating a style profile of two chic Company staffers: I asked them to answer the following questions. For some, it may be long but it is well worth the read.


What are you wearing today?

Marni eyeglasses, Hermés sample sale scarf, Old Navy shirt, J Crew pants, Cole-Haan outlet store shoes, M&Co watch, Jeanine Payer ring. L’Oreal hair dye.

What’s your earliest memory of picking out your first outfit? What was the outfit?

Kindergarten picture day. I wanted to wear my Sound Of Music dress which did not even vaguely resemble anything from that movie…but was smocked.

How does what you wear each day affect your personality?

What I wear each day is based on comfort. I have uniforms and choose them based on weather, mood, schedule.

What are your favorite pieces of clothing? Why?

I love my neckwear. I need to have something around my neck all the time.

Where do you like to shop? Which stores? Which neighborhoods? Which cities? Why?

I like to browse all over the place on line and THEN go find something.

Do you really “think” about what you wear?

Yep. I really think about what I wear. Every day.

Who are your favorite designers, if any?

I love Phillip Lim and Ralph Rucci.

What’s your morning routine?

Wake up at about 6, shower and dry my hair, ask K what I should wear, do not wait for the answer, get dressed, put on some makeup, figure out lunch and then, if it’s nice out, hop on the back of the scooter and go to the station.

Who’s your style role model?

I have dozens. Vita Sackville-West, Diana Vreeland, Isabella Blow.

What’s one thing you would die to have, even if you can’t afford it?

Well, I don’t know about DIE but I’d love to have a Hermés Harnais watch.

Glasses or lasik? Tell me about your chosen eyewear or lack thereof.

Glasses, thank you. I’m a little squeamish. Besides, glasses are another accessory opportunity.

Why is personal style important? Or why is not?

It is only important if it is important to YOU. I admire people who don’t care at all about it too.

How much do you hate me for asking all these questions?

I could never hate you.

I like it but wish I had taken more time to think over the questions. I was so busy that day!
Now, on to other business.
My WORD people have lots of advice for cold sores/fever blisters. A. Lot.
Where to begin...Let's see...
Many years ago I had a small (thank god) line of Shingles on my FACE. I don't remember the circumstances but it was unbearable. As you ALL seem to know, Shingles and cold sores and Herpes (of one type) are all the same kind of VIRUS and there are dozens of treatments.
What causes people to have flare ups of cold sores?
  • Being run-down
  • Drinking a lot of alcohol
  • Exposure of the area to strong sunlight
  • Conditions that compromise a person's immune system
  • Where the body's immune system is not functioning normally
  • Prolonged periods of stress
  • Fatigue
  • Ultraviolet light
  • Diet and certain foods
  • Another illness (especially with fever)
  • Temperature extremes
  • Steroid medication (e.g., asthma medication)
  • Anything that lowers your immune system or causes local injury can trigger recurrences.
Thank you, Rachel, for this list.
I'm pleased to report that I have Valtrex tablets (huge! and blue!) and that I'm sure I will be better soon.
As for Oldest...I'm sure he spent some time googling last night and is FINE.

Now I'd like to speak, for a minute, to a couple of commenters:

Dear Anonymous,
I am pleased that you like this blog and happier still that you comment. I don't mind anonymous comments at all - unless they get nasty or threatening. Then I have to revoke the right to comment anonymously. And, believe me, it has happened. And I am not referring to someone who may disagree with my viewpoint, I am talking about people who make assumptions about me or are mean.
Comment away - happy to have you.
(I think our pal Paola got herself an ID as I was worried, recently, that I'd have to shut down the anon....)

Kim, Darling,
This tea? My tea? Which I drink ALL THE LIVELONG DAY? Does not have a SPECK of sugar or other sweetener in it. I am not a sugar person.

Finally, Scot.
Scot, whom I lurve...
Pass the Cuervo.


Anonymous said…
If you decide to go the prescription route, you might want to read this:

/s/ one who has used acyclovir for years
Suse said…
Oh god you look gorgeous.

Jen said…
I have no untapped knowledge about cold sores, but I love your shoes.
Paola said…
Style is you.
And you look so young and lovely!

When I read the anon comment I thought of myself a few years ago when I was trembling at the idea of getting an ID.
Then I did.
Now I am one step closer to the inner circle of blogland and all the lovely friends I've made there.
Go ahead anon, fear not! It's amazing here.
Badger said…
I luff the office blog interviewy thing. LUFF IT.
alice c said…
I have no knowledge of cold sores to pass on and I feel that I have failed you but I am SURE that passing icy Margarita over the affected surface and then absorbing it internally would kill the virus and do wonders for your immune system.
Lover Lady said…
Hermes sample sale??? I think I would pass out. Terribly jealous. You are so cute, I could just put you in my pocket! haha
Lover Lady said…
Oh, PS, I agree with Alice ^
RW said…
nice scarf.
Duyvken said…
Lovely! It is only a matter of time before the sartorialist finds you, darling.
A said…
you did a great job with our photoshoot, bb! i am happy to see that others enjoyed reading an excerpt from the office blog...
Rae said…
I just love seeing that one little piece of your face. You look adorable. And lovely.