Alice goes to work each day and blogs as though she has never left home, I think. Tantalizing us with photos and, now, poetry.
Kim works harder at home than I ever did and bangs out posts that, at first glance, are recounts of her days – but, with deeper reading, one sees that she is blogging from the heart of her family.
Poppy has a dozen jobs and she is at home and she writes at BlogHer, Mamarazzi and on her terrific new beauty page.
Paola has no blog and manages to give each of us glimpses of her life in Positano – through comments alone!
And I? I look back at the archives (occasionally) and am amazed at what I used to do. I used to be creative – I used to be poetic. Just look at October of 2007!
It’s not that I’m complaining – but I do remember that I got many comments when I first went to work: don’t quit blogging! Your blog will be different!
For a while I was mesmerized by what I was seeing each day in my new life. I used to scrounge through my bag for pieces of paper to write observations on so I could post about things later.
Now, I’m tired and, while I’m still taking it all in, I find that things have become ordinary to me.
I sit on the train and do the puzzle. I see the same people every day. (Though there is a guy watching a movie with nudity on his iPhone in the seat across from me.)

Anyway, spring has sprung in Tuvalu – though there is a biting wind today.

Last night we saw the most wretched movie. Wide Sargasso Sea. Do you know it? It was one of those movies where you stick with it, thinking it will improve. It didn’t. And the whole time I was watching I was thinking: can’t they have called the husband something other than Mr. Rochester? Mr. Rochester this and Mr. Rochester that…gosh – such a bore. And then, at the very end? Mr. Rochester turns out to be Mr. Rochester. And his luscious island-born wife? Good lord, I nearly slapped myself in the head.

I burned the roof of my mouth on my soup yesterday. How's that for a mundane detail?


Anonymous said…
The thing I love about your blog is that it very much seems like a journal in that although you write for an audience, your voice and topic choices seem at times to be very personal. You of all people will derive the most pleasure from your archives. You write so well that reading about your and your family's past experiences will make them come alive again for you. So detailed, so vivid.

I was one of the commenters who was worried that we'd lose you to your job, but you are still here! It's so impressive to me. I can scarcely keep up with commenting on my favorite blogs when I get busy with life and work (right now is one of those times for me), so I applaud you and thank you.

KPB said…
Ahhh but you see my dear dear beautiful Blackbird, the most mundane of details in your life captivate us.

Of course I want to ask if that man watching a movie with nudity was ahh, showing his enjoyment of said film in obvious ways but well, that's just gauche isn't it.
Mrs Woog said…
I love mundane.

See my post of last week.

Work tends to grind you under its heel.

OTH - Monkey Portraits and Sample Sales?

Anonymous said…
I loved that monkey portrait too. If I were blogging, I'd tell you that yesterday I broke my little toe on the coffee table leg, and today I'm developing a sty in my eye. Further, on Sunday I am having lunch with four other women from my grade three class! Whom I haven't seen in 400 years! I'll be the one limping with the eye patch. Say la vee!

Paola said…
I never ever doubted for a second that you would continue your blog. Nor that it would change.
I find it always absolutely delightful, with your personal insight on things which is always so chic yet hip. I realize my English sucks (I hope this is not too much of a bad word, uh?)

PS Today is Positano I woudl really REALLY need K. My laptop has totally lost it.
alice c said…
Don't you think that it is a amazing thing that you have been writing so consistently for so long? Are you not impressed with yourself? You should be. If you have had periods of blog angst I must have blinked. Your life is different now and so some of the subject matter is different but the backbone to it all, your absolute integrity, still shines through.

As for me - the challenge of finding something new to write about is what gets me out of bed in the morning. Housework doesn't have quite the same effect.
Anonymous said…
Ebbing and flowing is good! I never find your posts mundane--except for the Survivor ones because I don't watch that show, so don't take that personally.