Don't you hate that? Typing without looking?

So, I'm watching Survivor. Mom brought over some Sole Almondine!
It's been a heck of a week - I was SURE it was Friday on Tuesday, Wednesday and today too.
This morning I mentioned that I thought the parking lot was awfully full for a Friday and Middle say, dryly: Mom, it's Thursday.

People are looking thinner on Survivor, but I've noticed, and mentioned, that food is less of an issue these days. The tribes merge and Pavarti is paranoid.
An aside: I think, this summer, I will wear a Survivor buff as a bathing suit top on the beach.

Of course, it's difficult for me to stay interested in the show as I haven't paid any attention to this season.
I need to write about the gala I went to the other night! It was, quite literally, swarming with celebs.
Me? Me and Gabriel Byrne? WE'RE LIKE THIS (she says holding her fingers in an X).
I have things to say about: Roseann Cash, Sting, Meryl Streep, Matt Dillon and Alan Cumming.
It was a stellar evening! And I'll get to it!

The merged team is eating eggs? Chickens are alive someplace?
Rupert is sick of the Villains after only a couple of days.
He does a huddle with his team and warns people against Russell.
Rupert vs. Russell is, just about, the best match up I can imagine.
The voting discussion is too complicated for me to follow at this point but I'm hearing Rupert warn people against Russell and it thrills me.

Oh, look, a commercial for It's Complicated on DVD! Did I mention that Alec Baldwin was in the room with me the other night? No? I'll tell you about HIM too. But not now.

Who's that other dark-haired girl? Talking to Pavarti?
Sandra is a sneak this time around too.
Oh, it's Amanda - the other dark-haired girl. She doesn't seem trustworthy to me. But Pavarti believes her.

There's a challenge on the beach. The new, merged team is called Yin Yang? I think it should be Eyjafjallajokull.
The Survivors have to stand on notched posts. Lots of people drop out very early in the contest.
40 minutes pass and only four women remain hanging from their poles.
Jerri steps away after one hour and thirty minutes.
Candace, Pavarti and Amanda are the last players.
Candace (Candice?) decides to step down.
Amanda says she'll win because she knows Pavarti has the Idol, so Pavarti steps out and Amanda wins.

Sandra tried to tell Rupert that Russell was running the show but she's feeling stuck with him.
Russell is going to give the Idol to Pavarti, to save her. He has to keep the girls so he can get rid of JT. What he doesn't know is that she has her OWN Immunity Idol.
Pavarti says that Amanda is lying to her when she says they are voting for her. Is she?
We thought they WERE voting for Pavarti.
Mom thinks everyone is lying.

Time to vote. It's "the most important vote" that Russell has ever been part of.

Have I mentioned that my house is topsy turvy?
The dining room is empty. There is stuff EVERYWHERE. The printer is in the living room. Coach is on the Jury!
Sandra seems like such an outsider.
Pavarti feels threatened.
I, kind of, can't believe Colby is still playing.
K is out for drinks.
Middle is on the train.
Oldest had a long day but is okay now.
Youngest is in a snuggly mood.
Russell has voted for JT.
So has Pavarti.
Jerri too!
Rupert votes for Jerri.
How come no one is voting for Russell?
Pavarti plays the Idol.
She gives it to SANDRA.
Hole Lee Cow!
I've never seen anything like this!
Jerri gets four votes that don't count!
JT has two votes.
Three! He goes to the Jury.

"In a game full of crazy moves, that was one of the craziest."
I always appreciate Jeff's commentary.


RW said…
I would love to meet Roseann Cash - because she lived with Johnny Cash.... a righteous man if there ever was one.
LynS said…
Ohhh...this is next week's episode in Australia, but I couldn't bear not to know how it ends! How can people not vote off Russell? My only explanation is that this series was made before the previous series was screened.
Anonymous said…
I care not for Survivor. Tell us about your star-studded evening.
Unknown said…
I, too, am eager to hear about your star-studded evening...Gabriel Byrne--swoon!
Adventure Otaku said…
you have chosen to miss one of the best seasons of survivor. perhaps you should stop watching and do a survivor marathon on DVD or iTunes.

Scot said…
I, also don''t care for survivor but this was on TMZ today:

'Survivor' Villain -- Collared for Mug Shot
Originally posted Apr 23rd 2010 1:20 PM PDT by TMZ Staff

TMZ has obtained the mug shot of Russell Hantz -- the "Survivor: Samoa" runner-up who was arrested this morning in Louisiana.

As we first reported, Hantz -- who's currently starring on "Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains" -- allegedly shoved somebody down while partying at the Festival International de Louisiane.

Hantz was arrested by the Lafayette City Police and eventually released.

See also
Survivor 'Villain' Arrested for Battery

Read more:
Scot said…
I do love me some TMZ.
Paola said…
Skip the reality shows and throw us some crumbles of your VIP night out!
Those names are very interesting.
I watched it's complicated and loved it!
Anonymous said…
Okay, so we couldn't remember who Candace (Candice?) was. And I think you called Danielle Amanda because she was the one on the poles at the last with Parvati. Anyway, my thing for JT is officially OVER because of that ridiculously embarrassing letter he wrote to the Russell in the previous episode, complete with the breathless 7th grade advice to "Read this in PRIVATE!!" and to "Destroy this immediately when done reading!!!" Yuck.

Still cute though.