100 things about me

Like Kim, I don't think I've done one of these in years.

1. I am 50. Five-oh. I'm not happy about it but, now that I'm nearly 51, I'm beginning to accept it.

2. I've been married to K since the beginning of time.

3. I was born in Minnesota because my dad was in the army there.

4. We only lived there for a short time.

5. After Minnesota, we moved in with my paternal grandmother.

6. My paternal grandmother took me to the movies every weekend.

7. She also liked to tell me about people who had been hit by lighting while I cringed during thunderstorms.

8. She colored her hair black - an idea I could not, at 5, fathom.

9. My maternal grandmother sprayed her hair silver.

10. This made perfect sense to me.

11. Looking back, I realize that my maternal grandmother was a bit like Julia Child in that she was tall and hunched and stylish.

12. Cooking was not her forté.

13. My parents were happily married until my dad died 16 years ago.

14. I have two brothers, both younger.

15. I do not have self esteem issues (I am, to some extent, following Kim's list as a guide.)

16. I have never had an eating disorder.

17. Though I have never had an eating disorder, my teeth are terrible. I have four or five root canals, several crowns and dozens of fillings.

18. I have three sons.

19. I thought I wanted a daughter while I was in the middle of that whole having babies period of my life.

20. I do not get angry or upset about politics.

21. I have worked hard to raise good men.

22. When I happen to encounter discrimination first hand, I politely point it out and explain that I will have nothing to do with whoever is involved in perpetrating it.

23. I have one mentally challenging boy, one physically challenging boy and one silent and peaceful boy.

24. Though two of my boys can require a lot of thought and care I tend to believe that everyone has SOMETHING they must deal with every day of their lives. Illness, depression, physical limitations - most people deal with something all the time.

25. I never had post-natal depression. Exhaustion, maybe.

26. I tend not to wish for wealth - even during the times we have struggled I have only wished we had "enough."

27. We have, pretty much, always had "enough."

28. I went back to work 18 months ago.

29. It completely turned my life around.

30. The timing was perfect.

31. I always knew I would go to work again but didn't know when.

32. It was empowering.

33. I am proud to earn money again.

34. My mom lives about two miles away.

35. K's mom lives about 40 minutes away.

36. I have a great relationship with both of them.

37. I'm not sure my mother and I ever had difficulties.

38. I'm pretty sure I couldn't stand her when I was about 15. But I knew I'd grow out of it.

39. My parents were so much fun that it was difficult to resent them as a teen.

40. I like K's mom and enjoy doing things with her.

41. I tend to like old ladies.

42. Our fridge is a mess.

43. When I was at home all day things in our home were more orderly.

44. I'm just beginning to be able to accept this difference.

45. I love sandwiches with loads of fillings.

46. I like noodles very much.

47. It's true, I could eat carbs every day.

48. I like all kinds of food - though I must have a recipe and cannot improvise when cooking.

49. I suppose, in the grand scheme of humanity, that I am a small thin person.

50. I don't see myself that way.

51. But, over the last couple of years, I have found a sort of acceptance with myself.

52. And discovered that two piece bathing suits are very comfortable.

53. So, NOW, I may well be that inappropriate 50 year old woman in the bikini.

54. The alternative? The Naked Beach.

55. Yep.


57. I am not especially prone to any physical problems...wait...am I?

58. I don't think so.

59. That was my first cold sore in years!

60. My bra size changes all the time!

61. 32D.

62. Yes, people from work read me here.

63. Am drinking wine as I type and care less, at this moment, about the bikini and bra business.

64. I did not have especially short labors.

65. I always disliked it when, in a group of women socializing, they would discuss their labors - vying for who had it worst.

66. I loved being pregnant and having babies.

67. For a time, I was very sad that that period of our lives was over.

68. Not long after that, I began to appreciate my boys as PEOPLE and not just as my sons.

69. Kim loves tonic and lime. You can add a hefty shot of gin to mine, thank you.

70. I think it is terribly unfortunate that women equate happiness with being a particular size. I don't blame women for feeling that way, I blame advertising and marketing. We have all come to feel that some feature of us is inadequate and that is a shame.

71. I never talk about things like this.

72. I know other women would say that this is easy for me to say because I am small and thin but imagine: I see my self as SHORT AND FAT.

73. I am a tough critic in a restaurant.

74. I rarely go to the movies but must have popcorn when I do.

75. (Kim has younger children than I) I was never a real fan of breastfeeding.

76. Ice cream, in a cup, with hot fudge over it but no whipped cream.

77. Raw veggies over cooked, any kind of leafy greens, salty over sweet.

78. My favorite color is black. It always was, I just had to give myself over to it.

79. I rarely buy magazines.

80. It's the internet's fault.

81. I suppose I dress in a "funky, offbeat manner" but I've always dressed this way.

82. My boys are very conscious of the way they dress - even if it appears effortless.

83. I am a worrier AND an optimist. An unlikely combination.

84. I can be dreadfully honest.

85. I like to travel.

86. I like to rent houses or apartments when we travel as a family.

87. I don't mind hotels when traveling alone with K.

88. Small hotels.

89. NOT bed and breakfasts

90. I think the only thing I collect is rocks.

91. I do not have one outstanding feature.

92. My eyes are a nice green.

93. I like winter over summer and prefer snow to heat.

94. I know how to sew and knit but don't spend a lot of time doing either.

95. When I was little I faked death scenes in my room.

96. A flair for drama.

97. Which I never get to play with as life tends to be dramatic enough.

98. I like the idea of Twitter but have no time to tweet and feel that it undermines blogging.

99. I prefer to blog.

100. I am not fond of animals, fish or fowl.


KPB said…
I adore you.

My WV is ablepurr - which is the sound I'd make when we finally meet and I let you rub my wobbly belly in front of the fire and you finally succumb to my need to constantly HUG you.
Jen on the Edge said…
Even though I've been reading your blog for years, I learned new things today.
RW said…
me too, I learned something new today.
Paola said…
Awww Kim! I wanna hug you NOW.

Bb, just like you I do not like whipped cream on ice cream AND am not able to cook without a recipe in front of me, even if it's the same muffin recipe I've used for the past 20 years!
Rock that two piece! And your 32D!!!
50 is the new 30!
Amy A. said…
That is a GREAT list. :)
Anonymous said…
I learned new things, too. I also like my body (except for my breasts, only because finding a bra is SO HARD), like old ladies, like noodles, like gin with my tonic and lime, like small hotels and never had post-natal. I could go on and on, but the faking death scenes had to be my favorite piece of this. Or maybe it was learning about your age.
robiewankenobie said…
now that is a seriously personal post. whodathunk? i feel muchmoreedujumakated about the bb i internetknow and internetlove.
alice c said…
Did I know you were 50? NO I did NOT. That has happened since I have been reading and I did not NOTICE. I am appalled. Could you go back to being 49 so I could celebrate/commiserate with you when you reach 50. Thank you.

Also, Twitter... I agree.
Anonymous said…
That's a GOOD list. Very revealing, yet you don't give much away at the same time. You are a very interesting person and I too am glad to have internetmet you.

Cat said…
In reference to #21, it seems to me like you have done a fabulous job!

And I think you have MANY outstanding features.

I wonder if I could do a 100-things list. Never have :P
Scot said…
Alternative routes to parallel destinations do NOT make a persom mentally challenged. Challenging to some but not mentally challenged. Grace is a tool that fits well in all hands. Go figure.

(Wow, talk about a cryptic comment!)

BTW, COFFEE Ice cream, in a cup, with lots and lots of hot fudge over it. Whipped cream on ice cream seems redundant.
Anonymous said…
If we ever meet, I promise I won't want you to rub my wobbly belly. There now, isn't that a comfort?

That Kim, she brings me to tears at her place, and makes me pee my pants at yours.

I wonder, do animals like you?

Unknown said…
I love when you do posts like this. The charming bits and pieces of yourself you offer continue to surprise and delight.
Suse said…
You're my favourite 50 year old in a bikini. You really are.
Mary said…
I am you re number 83 -

And now that I have learnt you are 50 I can be an optimistic worrier about that number -

I agree re Twitter/blogging

18 months! 18 months - that has FLOWN!
love the rhythm of this post