updates on several fronts

What's going on in Tuvalu?
I know you are wondering...so, let's see...

Oldest is very busy all the time: painting for one household, washing windows someplace else, doing airport runs for another guy he works for and spending weekends with his girlfriend.

Youngest is well! He is in his fourth month of treatment with a new medication and has not had pneumonia since January and not been on steroids all winter and told me, the other day, that he is breathing better than he has ever breathed IN HIS WHOLE LIFE, which I believe as he has had asthma symptoms since he was 12 weeks old. For the record: I am wary of this medication but agreed that another year of steroids and hospital visits weren't going to do him any good either.

Middle is hard at work on his Freshman Project, possibly the first Freshman Project to be done as a collaborative effort at Middle's Art School. In the past, freshman complete their first year by doing a short film on their own but Middle and his mates (like the use of "mates" there?) persuaded their professor to let the four of them work together on a Freshman Project. Middle wrote some of the script, will be directing some of it and will also be the Camera Operator and, together, they will produce a much longer film than has, historically, been made before.

K has, just about, finished his Spring Project and is cooking tomorrow for friends. This is one of the first weekends he isn't working (I'm not complaining, I promise).

Me? I've been working hard! Today I scheduled meetings for a consultant who's going to visit our office - 24 meetings, over three days! It was challenging.
Yesterday there was a celebration for a fellow who has worked there for 30 years. My boss made a heartfelt speech and there was a wonderfully funny and warm powerpoint presentation and then the celebrant had some words to say.
He spoke so genuinely about why he had stayed 30 years and summed up, so beautifully, what makes it wonderful to work where we do that I found myself tearing up.
I've been so busy lately that I'd forgotten some of the things I love about being at work. All of a sudden everyone was toasting this fellow and thinking about how wonderful it is to be at our company and, well - you'd tear up too.

It's been a good week - a long week, and we have friends coming to dinner tomorrow night.
Sadly, it's gotten cold again.
Happily, we can have a fire in the fireplace.



Anonymous said…
You each seem to be independently busy. It's lovely that you can do that and still share your lives.
Paola said…
Busy birds. Happy birds. Lovely birds.
Anonymous said…
All good things--especially the news about Youngest's new meds.

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