Tuesday, 10:45 pm*

Where have I been, I hear you asking...why haven't I posted?
I'm sitting at the dining room table with Middle. We are choosing his courses for his sophomore year at Art School.
I've been up since five this morning, was at work at seven and am a little fried.
As for the courses: perhaps you remember the way it goes (cue dreamy music)...you look up the requirements for 2nd year art students and then fill in with electives whilst bearing in mind the number of credits in humanities which are also required but not specifically spelled out. There are courses you love the sound of but, strangely, they are only taught at nine at night on Wednesdays. There are courses you'd rather not think about (Post-Colonial Africa) but they fit perfectly into your schedule (you need three credits in the Humanities on Tuesdays before 10pm in the Spring).
What to do?
You sit with your mother and hash it out.
Then, you write it into the form to bring to the registrar and curse how small the boxes on the form are and hope you aren't closed out of Light And Diffusion For Second Year Students On Fridays In The Morning In The Spring ONLY, Section I.

In other news ~ I learned how to make one of these é, one of these ë and ¢ < that this week. Imagine needing them for the first time, on three separate occasions, in one week?

It turned very warm today. 70F warm. (Please note: I did not learn how to make the degree mark this week.) Perfect for riding on the back of a scooter with K. Perfect for not wearing an undershirt to work. Perfect for putting away the puffy coat.

Middle is nearly done with his paperwork and I have my fingers crossed that he will be able to meet with an adviser tomorrow to finalize the plan we have made....


*Of course, we realize, this morning, that the beauty part of Art School is that the professors are all working artists - and the good ones work until 5 or 6 or 7 at night and THEN teach.


Anonymous said…
º as in 70º is option - 0


RW said…
well look at that... in your comments you have instructions.. I never knew how to do the degree sign either...

sounds like middle is well on his way... we are chosing courses for grade 10 - my H and L are on completely different paths and why shouldn't they be ..it is fascinating to me to see them find their own ways...
alice c said…
Post Colonial Africa is where all the smart academics hang out. The sort that win major research grants and get promoted early in their careers.
Paola said…
Oh, I could have helped with the degree sign too!
I am constantly amazed by your school system. It's so FAR FAR away from ours, advanced of course, and I fear for my little son.
Sweet dreams
Anonymous said…
The degree mark can be done Opt-Shift-8 too. go figure.
Badger said…
Oh dude. We only just finished picking courses for the boy child for his first year of high school (which was SO CONFUSING, what with some courses being double-blocked and others only using HALF a credit and whatnot) and I can only imagine how much more maddening that is in COLLEGE. Argh.
Anonymous said…
Hooray for no more puffy coat! Hooray for special symbols!
Hooray for sophomore...year...? Wait, wasn't Middle just TRYING to get into the School of his Choosing yesterday? How dare time fly by in this manner. God, before you know it, Youngest will be having to take mandatory distributions from his IRA.

Anonymous said…
On my Mac Mini running Snow Leopard (OSX 10.6.2):

Option-k = ˚ (that's the method I always use to make the degree sign)

Option-[letter]O = ø

Option-[zero]0 = º, except that when I do that in Word or Excel it is just a degree sign without that little extra thingie hanging off the bottom.

Shift-Option-[capital letter]O = Ø

Shift-Option-[zero]0 = ‚ here and in Excel, but in Word = ' (that's an opening single quotation mark).

Me = geek.
MsCellania said…
I love your boys.

I am hoping that you reared them on benign neglect, as we are doing. Some insistence on obeying reasonable rules, manners and cleanliness.
Otherwise, 'entertain yourselves'.
darah said…
in my newborn-sleepless haze i read 'post-colonic africa'

i don't even know what to think about this, but i thought i probably needed to share it with you. i was all, huh, the humanities certainly have changed.