red carpet commentary...

...and I'll tell you right now, I'm feeling snarky.

Screen shot 2010-03-07 at 8.42.46 PM

Am pleasantly surprised by Ms. Diaz as she usually looks like an unmade bed, IMO. This is the most elegant gown I've ever seen her in.

Screen shot 2010-03-07 at 8.42.22 PM

Ms. Winslet as: The Mother Of The Groom.

Screen shot 2010-03-07 at 8.42.10 PM

I *think* I like it but it's the same exact color as her skin. Is that good? I don't know but some LIPSTICK might have helped.

Screen shot 2010-03-07 at 8.41.44 PM

I have a problem with a gown that screams: THESE ARE MY BREASTS, even IF the fabric wraps around and becomes a train.

Screen shot 2010-03-07 at 8.41.30 PM

Listen, I know all about "accentuating the positive" and we all know JLo is curvy, but this is a little extreme.

Screen shot 2010-03-07 at 8.41.09 PM

I love Mr. Ford, *in* Mr. Ford. And I love the guy behind him too.

Screen shot 2010-03-07 at 8.40.50 PM

Lovely. Unexpectedly lovely.

Screen shot 2010-03-07 at 8.40.38 PM

If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

Screen shot 2010-03-07 at 8.40.29 PM

The Queen. Beautiful.

Screen shot 2010-03-07 at 8.40.17 PM

George! With slightly longer hair. Hi George!

Screen shot 2010-03-07 at 8.40.06 PM

Sure, it's boring...isn't she 70 years old? Who's complaining?

Screen shot 2010-03-07 at 8.39.51 PM

We can always count on Ms. Streep to look, well, just *like* Ms. Streep. Elegant, understated, wonderful.


Screen shot 2010-03-07 at 8.39.39 PM

Sarah Jessica Parker, posing with an old guy whilst wearing the headboard from a Hollywood hotel room!

The Tuvaluan broadcast of the Academy Awards was restored just a short time after the show began and we were lucky enough to be alerted by our dear pal Loretta!
Thank you, Loretta!


Lover Lady said…
Perfectly on target....I 110% agree with everything you said. And Cameron Diaz? W.O.W.
Crazy Mom! said…
Snark away. I'm doing it too. What else are you going to do.

Love the John Hughes tribute. FYI - Moe is said to look like Macauley Caulkin.

Ooo - she does look Queen like!
Mary said…
Definitely the best Cameron has looked.

An actress i didn't know was wearing a pale ashes of rose coloured dress - I like that one!
Anonymous said…
That was hardly snarky at all. Except for Charlize, and she totally had that coming.

Anonymous said…
Thanks Bb, I fell asleep (you know it was past midnight here) and I recapped it all in 30 seconds here!
Eleanor said…
Vintage bb. LOVE IT.
Perfectly reported, as usual.

Oh, Charlize....
Also, I'm surprised you didn't have a comment on Miley Cyrus,since she showed up in her underwear.
Lover Lady said…
^Someone needs to tell Miley to STAND UP STRAIGHT. She was so hunched over, it was painful to watch.
blackbird said…
I had meant to comment on Miley - she was SO HUNCHY. Terrible posture and the dress didn't help.
Defunct Lisa said…
Thanks for this post. I missed the show, and just wasn't interested enough to cull through the official photos.
Seriously, whatup Charlize? and JLo, are you kidding me?!

Something else that jumped out at me, but not up on celeb gossip enough to know....
I thought SJ Parker and Matthew were "separated", no?
unmitigated me said…
My favorite dress was Maggie Gyllenhall's I thought she looked stunning. And Charlize? What's with the oven mitts on the breasts? If SJP weighed 40 pounds more, that dress might have been okay. She has no curves, so it just looked like a sack on her. I also thought Kathryn Bigelow looked wonderful as she accepted her historic Oscar.
Grandma Cebe said…
Spot on in all your comments.

Demi's dress was beautiful when she walked showing some leg. But the color, I'm with you.

And Charlize...geez, what was she thinking?

George Clooney could wear a paper bag and I'd still think he looked terrific. (Yes, my husband knows that I have a crush on George.)
Anonymous said…
But George didn't look like he was having much fun this year. I think it's because he had to bring that other girl instead of me.
Jennifer said…
I was watching and wondering what you were going to write about it all. Also while I was watching I kept offering sarah jessica parker if I could be her new hairstylist because that hair was just as horrible as that dress! Ugh.
Anonymous said…
I think Miley couldn't stand up straight...there just wasn't enough length in that foundation garment. She was BENT, poor thing.