recent obsessions

set -


These win.
With socks - slouchy socks.
If you misunderstand and are thinking ugh, sandals and socks! you haven't looked at enough magazines.

cabled socks

Socks. Slouchy socks. I cannot explain further and will endeavor to photograph my feet.
(Not easy.)

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Wolford chiffon socks. The pinnacle of luxury, Wolford legwear.

I fear the shoe business is not done, however, and have mine eye on these


or these


and like the first better but they are three times the price. Woe is me.


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I'm obsessing over bags too as the etsy one I got last summer has, I think, fallen apart.


It must be cross-body.

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Not too large.

on the subway


I've looked from high to low and am now hoping last year's has not fallen apart.

pool shot

Tough to show bags underwater, isn't it?
This from here -

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head wrap

Isn't that a wonderful thing on her head? I've always been obsessed with head-bands like that. I've told you, though, that I cannot wear head-bands as my head is TOO SMALL and they fall off. Still.
Also, don't you think that is the kind of fashion detail that looks great in a fashion photo and then if you, for example, were to wear it out in the world with your regular life (I'm only sayin) people (like your husband, for example) might be all: what the hell do you have wrapped around your head?
Which, for me, would totally ruin my fashion moment.
One must be brave.
And I could be - and then I might be shot for -

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dress with a truss

I like this dress but it reminds me, distinctly, of my grandmother's truss.

Here's a story about my friend J at work - whom I adore.
I was contemplating the purchase of socks and mentioned to her that I *might* go over to American Apparel to see what they have. She is German and very dry and has a wonderful accent and said with a sigh: Ach. American Apparel. It is not a store. It is a theme park. What is the theme? The theme is: I am a twenty two year-old Eastern European. And who needs that?
Yesterday she told me: Dealing with postal workers is like watching performance art. It means nothing. You just watch it.
Well, J is moving house and was telling me that she disposed of her terry-cloth towels a few years ago as she favors Turkish linen.
Meet my latest obsession:

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Anonymous said…
I'm laughing so much at the headband/husband scenario. Darn true. I really love those Wolford socks. Just to look at. My calves are tree trunks.
unmitigated me said…
I love the army green bag, but mostly because the young man who lives next door to me is an artist and would embellish it for me. I would do it up all steampunk style.
Badger said…
Well, this seals it. We have opposite taste in fashion. But (a) I DO think you are WAY Sartorialist-worthy, and (b) we can still hang out, right?

(I did, however, own those sandals. WHEN I WAS TEN YEARS OLD.)
Poppy B. said…
Oh no! Is the dying bag the one with all the cool compartments under the flap?

Is this messenger bag too patriotic?

Sock Dreams has a nice selection of slouchy socks. Of course, they're out of the white ones we need for the Harajuku Sailor Fuku look. Isn't that always the way?
headband - ditto
sandals - had them in 1975
Wolford - love my tights
turkish linen - please, no more. I feel myself cross addicting
Anonymous said…
i recently got a baggu duck bag and i love it! plus it resebles the first bag (white) you pictured

you can wear it cross body and hide the handles inside.

the website is baggubag dot com if i remember correctly
Anonymous said…

sorry about that
Anonymous said…
Ooh! I have opinions that are not "ew! Sandals and socks!"

I adore that second set of shoes/socks. Wolford is lovely and I am a sucker for anything that laces around the ankle. And the second bag is lovely--though I like Ben Sherman I cannot really get behind that canvas.

Headbands are my favorite. I own a million and get teased at work. I can't wear wraparounds, though, they slide all over my head. But even though your head is small you should try them! Or, you could buy children's headbands. They have really cute ones at Gap and Old Navy that don't look too kiddie-ish.

Your obsessions are always such eye candy...
Mary said…
I would stay longer but I am off to google turkish linen and bags.
The Coffee Lady said…
I love your colleague. Can I have her?
Anonymous said…
I love your colleague, too, and I love those sandals because they remind me of the saltwater sandals my kids wore when they were small. They were so very cute. Red. and Blue.
Anonymous said…
OMG, you have such fantastic taste, sandals with socks and all. Such cool/lovely images you have shared. I hope you are able to find everything you need/want for this spring.

Carol said…
I picked up a Merona cross body bag, tone on tone grey for ten bucks at target before the Chicago trip.

My daughters' My Scene Barbies had those sandals.
Scot said…
Ok, lets talk towels. Turkish are nice but if your over 3 feet tall it takes 2 to dry yourself after a shower.
Yesterday I read this:
Jason Lewis, who will forever only be known as Smith Jerrod from Sex & The City fame, debuted as the new face of Charisma bath towels, a line exclusive to Bloomingdale's while in New York this week.
My first thought was HEY I have those towels! I really do and really like them. I know this is going to sound extremely anal but I squeezed out water into my big assed Tupperware measuring cup from both my Charisma face cloth and one of my Kohls towels and got over twice as much water from the Charisma facecloth. They suck up water like death valley on a hot day. I LOVE THEM!
However....I got mine at Cosco! Exact same towel as the Bollmingdales website but at half the price! AND THE BATH TOWEL IS HUGE!!!
Don't mean to ramble - haven't had an adult conversation all day.
KPB said…
Dear GOD those sandals are UUGHHHHGLY. UGLY. You should be able to hear me shouting it from over there.

Those godforsaken pieces of pleather (because dude, that can not be leather and yes, we ALL wore those in.the.70s - that doesn't make it alright) and socks DO NOT EQUAL those stunning heels and slouchy socks. DO.NOT.EQUAL.

I am forever looking at messenger bags and thinking, 'ooh, BB would love that. Except for the velcro.' What is it with the bag world's obsession with velcro???

You're drying yourself with cotton scarves now? Jesus.

And J? Well now you must give us weekly installments - the J files - with tidbits of her commentary on the world. Just delicious.

Bizarrely I love that dress even though I'd look like a sack of potatoes in it.

If you appeared in The Satorialist I may well bust a vein or some such in the excitement of it all. And I know you'd have clean hair. What is it with all those in Tuvalu who insist on looking spectacular except for the dirty hair on their heads? Do not get.

And that comment - about the fashion moment being quashed by the husband comment? OH YES.

You know the other thing about those hideous hooves you're getting? I can hear them galumphing along from over here. And see how they'd make you walk funny - kind of like a Thunderbird.

Always here to help.

WV is deressbo and that's how your feet are going to feel inside those fashion travesties.
Joan said…
I am another survivor of "those sandals" in the '70's... I remember they were hell to drive in!
Elizabeth said…
I love the grey high-heel-sandals. dunno who is supposed to wear them without breaking them or your legs, but they look really lovely with the socks. and I know what you mean with the headband. I had this situation some time ago...I was preparing the headband and my hair for over half an hour, because my head too is a bit to small for them and then my darling says: honey are you ready, oh the dress is really nice but what is that in your hair??
*ruined moment*

cary perk said…
I'm one of the few who likes the sandals! And I'm a turkish towel user and lover. They have the most beautiful colors and stripes!
Haus said…
Have you read about Tom Bihn bags? The Large Cafe Bag has been on my wishlist for awhile.

Hm. Spring is coming. I could use a new bag! I probably won't join you on the socks/sandals obsession, but the perfect bag - yes. I can obsess just fine about the perfect bag!
Anonymous said…
Ah that Kim. She doesn't disappoint, does she?

Duyvken said…
Hi Kim! I love reading your comments.
BB, I fear that my legs are not long enough to carry off the look you are going for and, I don't mean to be rude, but I am pretty sure that I am taller than you are.