random for Monday

I'm pretty sure those are my eyeglasses. Now, if only I could figure out how to artfully wrap a cardigan around my neck like that...

I've been wearing the HECK out of this cardi and I envision wearing it right through Spring. It's cheaper now but tuns out to have been a smart buy at its original price too.

We watched this episode of House the other night. It was riveting -- even more so after we drew all the House/Sherlock Holmes parallels.

I am SO confused about shoes. Wedges? Sandals? Oxfords? Today, I think oxfords. With no socks. (And THIS is funny because I was considering wedges/sandals WITH socks.

My new favorite color? Griege. It matches EVERYTHING.

I think I've mentioned that a chapter in Jen Lancaster's forthcoming book includes the story of our day at the beach. My version is good but Jen's version is hysterically funny good.

Don't expect ME to reveal the flavor of Stride's new Mega Mystery Gum. Sheesh.

I am Tatiana Romanovna. Which Bond Girl are you?


Julie said…
The power of Griege is AWESOME!

I currently have iton my nails and toes... "You don't know Jacques" by OPI. I have been wearing it pretty much all the time since Oct/Nov.

barbra said…
Your iPhone app! I've been looking forward to finding out about it, and I just downloaded it! I'm nowhere near NYC, but am so glad I have it!
Amy A. said…
La Comtessa Tracy di Vicezno. Charmed, I'm sure... :)
Oxfords with NO SOCKS? They didn't chew your feet into shreds?

My new position requires an 8 hour day of standing at work and my feet are so unhappy.
Robbo said…
You have a great voice, so young-sounding and engaged. It's so cool to hear it and know that it's yours.

Anonymous said…
Tiffany Case, of course.
I'm excited to hear you soon...when I can unplug one of my children!

Anonymous said…
So funny that just yesterday I was playing with my iPhone which by the way I barely use as a phone (I KNOW) and found out I can't download anything. It tells me all is incompatible.
Including your app which I just tried.
Crazy Mom! said…
I'm Moneypenny. And at work so I can't hear you. YET.

Can I go to the beach with you?
Anonymous said…
Octopussy. Sheesh.
I adore your glasses and I'd strangle myself trying to do that with a sweater.
Anonymous said…
I think you should have wedges, sandals AND oxfords. They all work differently, and are not interchangeable.

I'm the Bond Girl with the blonde flip and the choker. I don't know her name, but my husband loves her.
eurolush said…
Hope you give a pouty face when wearing that J.Crew cardi. It's part of the look.

Have I told you I like your style? Those glasses...luv. The oxfords? Without socks? Luv.

Personally, I think of myself as more of a James Bond himself, and less of a Bond Girl. Is it just me?

Griege? Melikes.
Duyvken said…
Oooh, definitely oxfords, definitely without socks and definitely with a belted cardi.
I love that Sartorialist photo too. In fact, I spent a good half hour plotting ways to wear a cape before acknowledging that impossible to carry a baby on your hip while wearing one.